'Entertaining' children costly to missions, Lee says


NASHVILLE (BP) -- "How did this happen?" Wanda S. Lee asked herself.

"Beyond what words can say … we're grieving," the executive director of the WMU, the Southern Baptist Convention's missions education auxiliary, said of the imminent downsizing of 600-800 missionaries and staff members in a multi-million-dollar shortfall confronting the International Mission Board.

More than ever, pray for international missionaries


As International Mission Board personnel who are eligible for voluntary early retirement prayerfully consider God’s leading, WMU leaders are calling for more intense prayer and support for all our missionaries.

Boyd recognized with top CWJC award


Since Xzondra Boyd worked temporary jobs during the day, it was the evening classes that first drew her to CWJC of Middle Tennessee’s GED program . . . but walking through the doors she found much more.

National CWJC/CMJC event delivers training and encouragement for site leaders


More than 160 Christian Women’s Job Corps/Christian Men’s Job Corps site coordinators and leaders across the country gathered at national WMU in Birmingham, Ala., Aug. 5–7, for a time of training at the 2015 National CWJC/CMJC Event. Attendees sharpened their skills through conferences, networking opportunities, panel discussions and group seminars.

International Mission Study 2015: Indonesia


Indonesia is the world’s most populous Muslim nation, creating a challenge for introducing Indonesians to the gospel.

Explore Indonesia through the International Mission Study 2015. Discover the challenges and joys of ministry there. Visit the places that draw many tourists, and learn about those who are leaving a legacy there that matters for eternity.

Familyfest impacts Indianapolis


During this time of year, Indianapolis typically serves as a crossroads for families travelling on end-of-summer vacations, but for the families headed to FamilyfestSM, the “Crossroads of America” was an intentional destination. The July 18–22 missions opportunity allowed 134 volunteers from 16 states to gather in one of the nation’s largest unchurched cities in an effort to share the gospel.

WorldCrafts adds new artisan groups and products


WorldCrafts has partnered with impoverished artisans all over the world, from Myanmar to India to Guatemala, to offer 100 new products this year. These new products are among more than 250 products featured in the fall/winter catalog that was released Aug. 1.

Develop: WMU Leadership Training


Develop is WMU’s new online and on-demand leadership training! It is designed to help missions leaders (or soon-to-be leaders) equip their churches and missions groups to be radically involved in the mission of God.

WMU in the Church

Founded in 1888, the main purpose of WMU is to educate and involve preschoolers, children, youth, and adults in the cause of Christian missions.


A division of WMU, WorldCrafts and its local partners develop fair-trade businesses that provide sustainable income and offer eternal hope for impoverished people throughout the world.

New Hope Publishers

A publishing arm of WMU, New Hope Publishers provides inspiring books and Bible studies that challenge Christian believers to understand and be involved in the mission of God.

WMU Foundation

Financially support the mission and ministries of WMU through the WMU Foundation, and find information about scholarships and grants for MKs and others.

Get Started with WMU 
WMU Blog

“It’s the little things that count!” This familiar saying is one we have all heard many times. We often think only the big gifts, the great acts of kindness, are what count in life, when in reality it’s the little things that give us the most joy. I love a large bouquet of flowers, for instance, but the single bloom presented by a grandchild grinning from ear to ear as he delivers it? Well, that means so much more.

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