We believe in Missional Living.

Pray for missions. Engage in mission action and witnessing. Learn about missions. Support missions.
Develop spiritually toward a missions lifestyle. Participate in the work of the church and denomination.

Missions Groups and Curriculum

Threes and Fours Are Growing

Grocery labels

Tenley bursts into our Mission Friends® room and announces, “I’m here!” She is full of energy and ready to see what we have prepared for her to do in Mission Friends. If you teach 3-year-olds or 4-year-olds, you know how eager they are to learn. They are willing to try new activities and do new things. They also enjoy repeating favorite activities, which gives them practice at newly growing skills. How do we encourage 3s and 4s to use these newfound skills as we teach them about missions?

  • Ÿ3s and 4s are still developing the large muscles of their arms, and progressing to the hands and fingers. Use the large-size paper at the easel for painting or at the table for drawing so there is room for their arm to sweep across the page. The thicker preschool crayons and paintbrushes allow for easier gripping with their hand muscles.

  • ŸGive opportunities for 3s and 4s to manipulate objects or move things around. Provide cardboard tubes and blocks for them to build Middle Eastern buildings in Blocks. Using the large wooden beads to make patterns helps them use their hands in moving the beads around.

At-home Missions Discipleship? Yes!

Our team recently released an at-home missions discipleship product that my 7-year-old son and I have already enjoyed together. For the Children’s Resource Team, the process started over a year ago when we began to investigate a concept of an at-home product for families to use together to learn about missions work happening somewhere in the world. Missions in a Box was born from this research and many conversations.

When Missions in a Box: Thailand released, I took one of the first kits home to my 7-year-old. He and I spent time reading through and learning facts about Thailand. We even made a craft together.

Below is my Facebook post from that evening:

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