We believe in Missional Living.

Pray for missions. Engage in mission action and witnessing. Learn about missions. Support missions.
Develop spiritually toward a missions lifestyle. Participate in the work of the church and denomination.

Global Hunger: What You Can Do

Did you know that October is Global Hunger Month? Have you ever wondered how you can help?

Do some research to find families or groups in your community who go hungry. Talk with the manager of a homeless shelter or government-assisted housing complex to discover where best to carry out this experience. Ask for permission to bring a meal to these people one night.

Choose a night when families normally enjoy a family dinner at home. Give each church family the name and address of a needy group. Give details on how to orchestrate the supper time experience in their home to household leaders only.

Ask families to prepare a meal. Instruct the family leaders to call “supper time” to the family on the designated night. When the family members gather, they will notice no supper is on the table. Instead, their prepared meal is boxed up to take to a hungry family or group.

The families will load up the meal and deliver it together. After the meal is delivered, ask the church families to gather at the church to end the night with a time of prayer.

"Mom, Where Is Peru?"

I love conversations with my eight-year-old son, Landon, but I especially enjoy conversations about our faith and sharing our faith with others. He recently claimed Christ as his Savior, so these conversations are increasing.

“Why do some people choose not to accept Jesus?” has been his hardest question for me to answer so far. If we are honest, it’s a tough one for any Christian to comprehend, much less an eight-year-old. One of my favorite questions has to be when he asked why missionaries would leave their families to go around the world to tell others about Jesus.

To help both of our sons understand what we can do to share our faith with others, we are active in missions discipleship as a family. Tommy leads RA, I lead GA, and both boys are active in missions. We’ve been on family missions trips and participated in local Children’s Missions Day projects. We see great value in making sure our children understand the Great Commission and that we are all responsible for living out our faith in front of others.

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