This Month’s Spotlight Update: Cathy Tisher

Cathy Tisher portrait

No one can doubt the impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on Chaplain Cathy Tisher’s ministry. Because of how rapidly the virus can spread in nursing homes, Cathy’s ministry has been put on hold. Chaplains have been deemed “nonessential” staff and prohibited from coming in.

Reaching out in Christ’s name to outcasts and underdogs

The scorned woman at the well, the notorious tax collectors, the forgotten prisoners – when it came to the outcasts of society, Jesus had a habit of reaching out in grace and forgiveness.

Embrace orphans and other vulnerable children

As we focus on the call to embrace orphans, the reality is that most vulnerable children served today by caring Christians throughout the United States are not technically orphans.

Transition to the Bible Study

July Meeting Plan

(See Missions Mosaic, page 26.)


Through Christmas in August you can directly help a North American missionary with items needed for ministry and outreach.

Pursue God’s call to love and serve refugees in our midst

For most of us, the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting self-isolation, social distancing and economic turmoil are among the most unsettling challenges we have experienced in our lifetimes. As overwhelming as those issues have been amid the relative safety and comfort of familiar surrounding


Learning from Mature Believers Makes Spiritual Impact

When it comes to learning from mature believers in Christ, outstanding examples of that discipline are found at Christian Women’s Job Corps and Christian Men’s Job Corps ministry sites throughout the nation and internationally.

Choose To Be Your Best

Those of you who know me well, know that I am a hugger. COVID-19 is trying to change that for me so I did a little study on physical touch. I learned physical touch is known to improve the function of your immune system as well as reduce some diseases. See . . .

Grupo Acteens en Texas se mantiene en misión durante los desafíos de la distancia social

GARLAND, Texas. El discipulado misionero es personal para Mary Lou Sinclair y su grupo de Acteens (Adolescentes en Acción), aun durante una pandemia.


How to Disciple New Believers in Missions

two women serving together

Have you ever wondered how early is too early to bring a new Christian with you when you do missions? First of all, your concerns and questions are normal. Will she understand? How much should I let her take on? What kind of mission trip or experience is appropriate for her first one?


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