Share Cold Water in His Name

woman holding out a bottle of water

Summertime makes us all grateful for the amazing, refreshing invention called air-conditioning. When yard and garden chores require us to be outside, most of us opt to get up early and get outdoors before the sun makes temperatures unbearable.

But the men and women who work on a road crew or do construction for a living do not have that option. They start early but keep working through the heat of the day. Their discomfort creates an opportunity for missions and ministry in our local communities. Heat makes people thirsty. Sharing cold water to meet that need can be an easy and effective way to love on people in Jesus’ name.

On Your Own

If there is a new house being constructed in your neighborhood, walk by often. Pray for the workers. Greet them. Engage in conversation, but don’t keep them from their work.

Keep a case of bottled water in your fridge. Choose a hot afternoon and load your cold water up in a wagon and wheel it down to share. After a few weeks of blessing the workers, you will have earned the right to invite them to church, where they can meet Jesus—the Living Water.

With Your Group

Make this a group endeavor by designing labels to affix to water bottles advertising your church’s missions organizations, Labor Day cookout, or church picnic. Consider planning a special community event to be intentionally evangelical.

  1. Chill several cases of water.
  2. Pray together over the water and for the workers who will receive it.
  3. Affix the labels.
  4. Go out two by two and distribute cold water in Jesus’ name.

Consider assembling gift bags to distribute to workers with items such as

  • Sports drinks
  • Hard candy
  • Granola bars
  • Peanut butter crackers
  • Chewing gum
  • Hand sanitizer

As You Go

Keep a couple of bags in your car to be ready whenever a need arises.

Even without snacks or water, you can always pray for the workers you encounter. Prayer will not only bless those you are praying for but also help distract you from any frustration that might otherwise creep into your mind (or onto your tongue) from construction delays. Here’s a prayer prompt to get you started:

Lord, I pray for the safety of these men and women working today. As they operate heavy equipment, I pray they would observe every safety precaution and all machinery would function properly. God, I pray for their physical well-being, asking that each person would stay hydrated and protected from the sun’s rays. Lord, stir the hearts of those of us waiting to be patient and respectful during traffic delays. As these men and women work outdoors, I pray the beauty and order of creation would draw each heart to contemplate You, the Creator of the world and everything in it. Holy Spirit, draw each person to Yourself and bring someone into each life to share the gospel.

Laura Macfarlan teaches, speaks, and writes through Cross My Heart Ministry. View her weekly teaching at

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