Making Prayer a Priority this Summer

Over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, the children’s team would encourage GA, RA, and CA leaders to focus on encouraging children to pray for workers, their communities, and their families. Consider using some of these prayer ideas to share with children and families as you reach out to them during this time.

As children learn to obey and follow God’s commands, guiding them to pray in different ways will help them see that prayer is not boringly repetitive. They will learn that talking with God is serious, yes, but it is just like talking to a friend. Use these ideas for children to experience prayer in novel ways.

Talkin' to God—Guide children to understand that missionaries use "open eye" prayers in dangerous areas. They do not bow their heads or fold their hands. They keep their eyes open with their heads up and speak a prayer while looking around. Gather in a circle, a square, or scattered. Ask children to follow your lead. Speak a prayer aloud while looking at each person or around you. (You could even walk around a bit.) Once you say, "Amen," ask another volunteer to pray. Continue until all who want to pray have had a turn. An adult may close.

Rollin' Prayers—Purchase or gather small toy cars for each child. In advance, write prayers on pieces of paper and tape to the underside of the cars. Invite children to choose a car and allow them to play a bit. You might discuss how missionaries travel in their ministries. Ask for volunteers to find the prayer requests on the cars and take turns praying. Encourage children to pray each day for the prayer requests on their cars. Remind them to pray each time they ride in a car.

Pillow Prayers—Use a pillowcase as a prayer reminder container. Purchase a foam block and cut it into small square "pillows." Then, either write requests in permanent marker on the squares or write them on paper and stick them to the squares (with glue or tape). Say: We often say our prayers before we go to bed at night. Take this small pillow and pray for our missionaries before you go to sleep. Ask for volunteers to pray for what is written on their pillows.

Prayer Piñata—Gather and decorate two foam plates. Write prayer requests on slips of paper and fold. You may use small wrapped candies (avoid candies with nuts) and attach the requests. Place inside the plates and staple together loosely, so nothing falls out. Hang the piñata from a rope. Provide a plastic bat or cardboard tube for children to try to break the piñata. Ask them to keep their eyes closed. Move the piñata around so that each child has an opportunity to hit it. When the piñata breaks, encourage children to pick up one piñata piece for prayertime.

Sock Prayers—Purchase child-size socks from a dollar store. Write prayer requests on squares of paper and crumple into paper wads. Stuff one request in each sock. Place the socks in a basket for children to choose. After prayertime, guide children to match the socks to be given to a nearby shelter.

by Judith K. Moore


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