More than Bunnies, Candy, and Eggs

This past Sunday at my church, children of all ages joyfully paraded into the sanctuary, waving palm branches and singing loud hosannas. What a simple act to actively involve kids in a meaningful worship experience!

But do you struggle to explain the meaning of Holy Week to your child? After all, we just celebrated the birth of baby Jesus a few short months ago! Yet now we are going to celebrate His death and Resurrection? And what do bunnies, chocolate candy, and colored eggs have to do with any of it? For many kids, particularly younger ones, this concept can be especially difficult to wrap their heads around.

This Easter, I encourage you to sit down with your kids and read the Bible together. As a family, share the amazing stories surrounding Jesus’ death and Resurrection. Be prepared to answer their questions by pointing them back to the one true source, the Bible. In doing so, you set a positive example as you connect kids to God’s Word for a lifetime.

I have laid out a daily Bible reading plan that you can use to guide you as you move through the week.

Day 1: Jesus Rides into Jerusalem as King—Matthew 21:1­–11
Day 2: The Last Supper—Mark 14:12–26
Day 3: Jesus’ Arrest—Matthew 26:36–75
Day 4: Jesus’ Death—Matthew 27
Day 5: Jesus is Risen—Matthew 28:1–10
Day 6: Jesus Returns to Heaven—Acts 1:1–11

Read the passages together from an easy-to-read translation, such as the New International Readers Version, or from a children’s story Bible. You may opt to find an app that will read the stories aloud or has interactive features. Whichever you choose, as you read the Bible together, you will help your kids prepare for Easter to better understand God’s great sacrifice for us. Because of what Jesus did, we get to have this new life with Him!

Melissa Whetstone, Design Editor, Girls in Action

Melissa Whetstone serves as the GA editor at national WMU. As the mom to three busy boys, she loves spending time with her “girls” each week as she leads GA at her church.

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