Acteens creates a wonderful, encouraging, supportive, girls-only group environment. But that’s not all! Think about this: What happens when a girl is out in the world on her own, now or in the future (college, career, family), without her Acteens support system nearby? She has to be strong in her own faith and confident of her own gifts and abilities, right? But to get to that point, she needs some solo practice. Right? That’s where MissionsQuest comes in.

MissionsQuest gives Acteens the opportunity to learn and grow as the unique individuals God made them to be. MissionsQuest gives you a means to mentor girls one on one. You could even ask other women in your church to "adopt" an Acteen for MissionsQuest. Of course, individuals have to work with and relate to other individuals. MissionsQuest has that covered too.

Why MissionsQuest?

As with all things that WMU does, MissionsQuest is grounded on the biblical basis of missions. MissionsQuest is inspired by Mark 12:30. When an expert asked Jesus what was the most important commandment, Jesus replied, "And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength" (NKJV). Jesus was promoting the Israelite tradition that He Himself had grown up in: simply and wholeheartedly love God with every fiber of your being. MissionsQuest helps teenage girls express and deepen their understanding of their love for the Lord as it relates to every aspect of their lives. So how does it work?

MissionsQuest focuses on six areas or characteristics of leadership:

  • Quest for Vision
  • Quest for Character
  • Quest for Excellence
  • Quest for Confidence
  • Quest for Creativity
  • Quest for Courage

Each quest has multiple missions activities from which a girl chooses ten. Why all the options? No two teen girls are alike (even though they sometimes want to be "just like everybody else"). MissionsQuest is designed so that an Acteen can complete one quest per year. A girl who is involved in Acteens all six years of her student life will have the opportunity to work on all six quests. Completing a quest within a year is not essential, but taking longer than a year to complete it may cause girls to lose their enthusiasm for the work. Now, while MissionsQuest in as individual achievement plan, many of the activities can also be done as a group (small or large). So girls aren’t just out there totally on their own. Plus, you decide whether you want all of your girls to be working on the same quest during a given year or whether to let each girl work on a quest of her choosing. The most important thing you need to know as a leader is this: You can make MissionsQuest work for you and your girls. Adapt MissionsQuest to the particularities of your Acteens group or "do it by the book" or both. It’s up to you.

And . . . Action!

MissionsQuest Resources

Everything you need (other than girls and such) to do MissionsQuest is provided on a CD/DVD. If your data plan has more plan than data . . . you’re covered. (If your computer doesn’t have a DVD drive, ask a friend to help you out. That could even be a way to entice other Christian women to mentor your girls!)

MissionsQuest: The Acteens Individual Achievement Plan

Girls can choose to work on their quests in any order during their time in Acteens. Also includes ideas for recognition services and how to incorporate MissionsQuest into the overall Acteens program of a church.

W146105 • $34.99

MissionsQuest Awards

The MissionsQuest Bracelet, along with the "MissionsQuest" and "Acteens" charms, should be given to all Acteens as they begin MissionsQuest. The remaining charms should be awarded to Acteens as they complete each quest.

MissionsQuest Bracelet - $12.99 

Charms - $5.99 each

MissionsQuest: "Acteens" Charm | MissionsQuest: "MissionsQuest" Charm | MissionsQuest: "Character" Charm | MissionsQuest: "Confidence" Charm 

MissionsQuest: "Courage" Charm |  MissionsQuest: "Creativity" Charm | MissionsQuest: "Excellence" Charm | MissionsQuest: "Vision" Charm


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