MissionsQuest FAQs

What Is MissionsQuest?

MissionsQuest is the individual achievement plan designed for teenage girls who choose to go deeper in their missions lifestyles.
MissionsQuest consists of six areas, or quests, in each of which Acteens complete a series of missions activities. The six quests are:

  • Quest for Vision
  • Quest for Character
  • Quest for Excellence
  • Quest for Confidence
  • Quest for Creativity
  • Quest for Courage

MissionsQuest will help girls develop their gifts, skills, and talents. The goal is for students to grow in Christ as His disciples, learn more about themselves, develop a missions lifestyle, work together to complete spiritual/discipleship goals, and grow in relationship with one another. You will be their guide and encourager. 

What Do Girls Do in MissionsQuest?

MissionsQuest incorporates many different learning styles and approaches. Girls will find activities designed for the ways they like to learn as well as challenges that will help them discover new skills, interests, and abilities.
Each quest is divided into these four sections—heart, soul, mind, and strength. Each section has both core and optional activities. Each girl will choose two of the four core activities and two of the eight optional activities in each of the four sections for a total of 16 activities per quest.
Each activity stands alone, but some activities build on what is learned in others. Reading all of the options and selecting those that work will help your planning. While MissionsQuest is designed as an individual achievement plan, some organizations may chose to work on some activities together.
The flexibility of the plan means that within a quest some groups may work on the same activity together, as partners or small groups, and individually. Therefore, all girls in one Acteens group do not have to select the same options. There are benefits both ways.
Each girl will have the opportunity in each of the six quests to create one activity of her own. This activity would serve as a replacement for one of the optional activities. Students should get the leader’s approval of an activity they have created before they begin it. When evaluating an activity, be sure the activity has some challenge to it, that it fits the particular quest the student is working on, that it’s not too difficult, and that it’s scripturally sound, etc. Ask the student to type up the activity once it is approved and include it in her quest journal/portfolio.

Who Can Participate in MissionsQuest?

MissionsQuest is for girls in grades 7–12.
The various quests are not grade specific, so all of the girls in an entire Acteens organization can choose to work through the same quest at the same time. But the plan is so flexible that not all girls have to do the same activities in one quest. Your group may choose some activities that all girls do together, some that they do in small groups, and some that they do individually. Some activities may challenge younger girls, and they may benefit from working with older teens who will find the journey enriched by helping younger students grow.
MissionsQuest is for girls who are Christians and for those who have not yet made the decision to follow Christ. Most activities can be done by both groups of girls. A few activities are designated for Christians only, but there are always activities for those who are not yet Christians. Some activities can be easily adapted for girls who have not yet made professions of faith, with a goal of helping them grow to the point of making that important decision.

Does MissionsQuest Work for Any Size Acteens Organization?

MissionsQuest works for both large and small groups. Whether you have one girl working on a journey or lots of girls, you will find choices that work for your students.
MissionsQuest works in urban and rural settings and all the suburbs in between. Enough variety is built in so that you will find activities that work for you.

What Resources Do We Need for MissionsQuest?

There are six MissionsQuest participant books and a leader’s guide. The six quests are not sequential.
MissionsQuest books are available as downloads from wmustore.com or as a photocopy by calling 1-800-968-7301. Six MissionsQuest charms are the awards for completing the six quests. If a girl is an Acteen in 7th through 12th grades and does one quest per year, she will have the opportunity to work on all six quests.

How Do We Get Started?

Purchase and review the MissionsQuest CD. Discuss with the girls what MissionsQuest is about and how it works. Involve the girls in choosing which quest they will work on. When you have decided how many girls will participate in which quests, you can purchase the participants’ books.

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