Acteens Mission Trips

Are your Acteens ready to test their missions mettle away from home?

Here are two ways you and your Acteens can take your missions service to the next level.

Acteens Activators

Acteens Activators are Acteens who work alongside missionaries to help enhance and further the work they do on the field. Acteens Activators work with North American missionaries and Acteens Activators Abroad work with international missionaries.

What do Acteens do on an Activators trip? Basically, anything the missionaries need them to do! That is, within the scope of the girls' skills, talents, and abilities.

Types of ministry activities include but are not limited to:

  • Bible clubs
  • drama, music, and puppets
  • food and clothing distribution
  • working with refugees and migrant workers
  • community surveys
  • light construction
  • addressing social issues

The application process will guide you through selecting the types of ministries you would prefer to work with. National WMU then matches your preferences to requests from missionaries.

Missionaries absolutely LOVE Acteens Activators because Acteens are

  • well trained,
  • well prepared,
  • flexible to changing needs,
  • and willing to stretch themselves in ways they never thought possible.

Acteens Activators are there to work hard, to be the hands and feet of Christ wherever they are needed. That doesn't mean you can't have some down time to play and explore, but the priority is sharing the love of Christ.

As Acteens Activators, young women have the opportunity to grow in their Christian faith, share Christ with others, and see God working in and through them. And through this experience, girls become greater missions advocates in their own churches and communities.

To learn more about the Acteens Activator program including how to receive training, the role of the leader, and ministry placement assistance, email us at

Click here to register online for Acteens Activators.


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