“Give Us a Team”

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When Regina and Kaleb Seabolt* moved to South Asia 12 years ago, they embraced the vibrant colors, energetic culture, and hot, humid weather. They poured their lives into sharing the gospel with the people there. “Then suddenly, God gently but firmly closed the door to that field of missions after 10 years,” Regina remembers. “We didn’t know God’s plan for us.”

God’s plan included trading vibrant colors and sunny, humid weather for subdued people and the gray, rainy cold of Paris, France. “The struggle has been real: learning a second language, buying coats and socks and umbrellas for weather we have never experienced, learning the worldview of a culture who doesn’t believe God exists,” she said. Despite the difficulties, the Seabolts approached the change wholeheartedly, eagerly seeking how God would have them plug in and reach people with the gospel, but yet another change loomed on the horizon.

The Seabolt family sensed God leading them to a new area of Paris, which would position them to better minister to Parisians and put their kids closer to other missionary kids. However, for the Seabolt kids, that meant their third school in 3 years. “Yes, children are resilient,” Regina said. “But I’m the one who holds them at night when they are grieving a myriad of things like not being able to invite a schoolmate to their next birthday or the fear of the new school making fun of them because they are English.”

“When we moved [from South Asia], we laid out our passions, experiences . . . before the Lord and asked Him to give us a team,” she shared. God has answered this prayer. The Seabolts’ team has grown to include 5 families—including 14 children. “[We are] working hard to cast the vision of God for all to know and love Him here in this City of Lights that awaits another revolution, but this time, one that doesn’t change the government—a revolution that will change hearts.”        

Pray for the Seabolts as they lead their team. “Ask God to provide us with a wide network of partners excited to learn to plant and grow healthy churches,” Regina said. Pray also for incredible growth in language and culture learning and for the team to serve one another well.

*Names changed.

Jennifer Deibel is a writer and teacher in Arizona.

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