Become a Church Plant Supporter

Planting a new church can be stressful, rewarding, lonely, exhilarating, and exhausting all at once. This is why the North American Mission Board (NAMB) is constantly looking for supporting churches to partner with church planters by praying for them, participating in their work, and providing for their needs. You can help!

Talk to your missions group about supporting a church plant. Here is what your group can do:

  • Choose a church plant your church already has a connection with or choose one by location. Does your group have a special affinity for a certain area? Boston? Los Angeles? Atlanta? Visit NAMB’s website to find out which church planters are serving in that area. Most importantly, ask God to direct you to the right church plant.
  • Contact the church planter and his family to let them know you are on their team. Commit to helping them in their mission. Consider presenting the church planter with a card or other token of commitment.
  • Get to know the church planter’s family and their vision for their work. If you live close enough, then take them out for coffee or lunch. A phone call could also begin to establish a relationship. Ask the church planter to fill out a short profile, containing information about his family—children’s ages, favorite restaurants, hobbies, favorite Bible verses, etc.
  • Pray consistently for the family, the church plant, and the community they are serving. Ask at least monthly for specific prayer requests. If you are faithful in your prayers, the church planter may even begin to contact you when prayer needs arise. Prayerwalking the area could also be another great support.
  • Participate in the work. Plan a missions trip to the church plant to help with community outreach projects—outdoor Vacation Bible Schools, yard makeovers, back-to-school events, can food drives, etc. If you live close by, this could become a monthly or even a weekly endeavor.
  • Provide for the church plant’s needs as you become aware of them. This could be arts and craft supplies for children, teaching materials, a new printer, office supplies, or computer software.
  • Encourage the church planter and his family regularly. Church planting can be physically, spiritually, and financially difficult. Send notes and holiday cards. Give restaurant gift cards to the adults and small toys to the children. Let them know they are loved, appreciated, and supported often.

Church planters are reaching our world for Jesus Christ, but they need the help of other believers. Are there other groups in your church who could support a church plant? Let them know that they too can become a church plant supporter. Your support could be just what a church planter needs to keep going with the mission God has called him to!

Laci Post writes articles and historical fiction from Dallas, Georgia. Her church small group recently supported a church plant in Huntsville, Alabama.           

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