Bringing Living Water to a Desert Wasteland

aerial photo of Asian desert

An enormous desert where Pakistan, Iran, and Afghanistan meet is home to the Baloch, a Muslim people group.

“There is currently almost no way Americans can live [in] or access that region,” said Richard Townson*, whose focus is to reach the Baloch. Richard and his family live in Central Asia.

“Our primary challenge . . . in terms of seeing churches established among our people is access,” Richard said. “The vast majority of the Baloch live in this desert wasteland.”

Bringing Jesus to the Baloch requires resourcefulness: utilizing the internet, reaching them when they venture from their homeland, and partnering with believers from other people groups who can access the Baloch.

One day, one of Richard’s teammates met Watson*, a young Baloch man living outside his homeland. Discovering that the teammate was a Christian, Watson asked to study the Bible with the teammate’s church.

“The church was studying the Book of Matthew, and I had never heard anything . . . like what they were reading and teaching,” Watson said.

Watson was drawn to what he heard and continued to study the Bible with them regularly. While studying the Book of Job, Watson said, “It seems to me that we are all in need of a Savior.’’

Watson believed the truths he was hearing. He realized he had been searching for that Savior.

For a time, Watson went back to his homeland and was tempted to return to past behaviors. In a dream one night, a bright shining man came to him and said, “Be clean, as you already are.” Watson awoke knowing Jesus was real to him. After this, he knew he could never go back to his old life.

“No matter where I go, I will never leave Jesus. He is a treasure more valuable than anything to me, even my life.”

Richard said, “Watson is the only believer among the Baloch in his country and one of only a few worldwide from his people group. By God’s grace, we hope he will play a key role in the . . . establishment of the church among his people in the years to come!”

Pray Watson would share Jesus with his family and live his faith in a culture where doing so is dangerous.

*Names changed.

Leigh Pritchett lives in the southeastern United States, a vast missions field.

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