Celebrating Answered Prayer in Colombia

Brenda and Fernando Larzabal have served with the International Mission Board for 14 years, mobilizing the local church and sharing the gospel with the unreached indigenous people groups of Colombia.

They have been blessed by the prayers of God’s people in the 2 focal points of their ministry:

  • investing in the next generation of indigenous university students
  • training, mentoring, and developing strategy for 4 other teams through a national missionary agency

Brenda, who leads and mentors the all-female indigenous student ministry team, shared how important those prayers have been this past year. “We began this semester feeling that God was about to do something new and something big. We needed to find a new location for the student center much closer to where the students live. That would not be easy.

“But we kept praying and asking others to pray, trusting that God would provide. Halfway into this last semester, we received a call from the administrator of the student residence halls. He is a believer who knows us and appreciates our work. He invited us to move our ministry into the residence halls and provided us with a big space to set up our program.

“This is a huge answer to prayer. We could never have found such an adequate and affordable space in the very place where the students live—a huge blessing beyond what we could have anticipated or dreamed of having. People were joining us in prayer very specifically for this, and we believe that God answered beyond what we were imagining!”

Ask God to raise up Colombians who would make disciples among the still unreached indigenous people groups. Pray that indigenous students would respond to the gospel in spite of fear of repercussions and become strong Christian leaders, sharing their faith with others. Also pray that those in unreached communities would respond to the message and give control of their lives to God.

Georgia Herod appreciates those who are faithful to pray for missionaries who share the gospel with unreached people groups.

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