Make a Difference, Be the Difference!

joyful female volunteer gathers rubbish

In a world consumed by social media, outward image, and an endless obsession to be the best that you can be, God’s love still holds the power to make a difference and to be the difference in any life.

While society measures success through numbers and the latest stats, relationships are critical to God’s eternal plan for mankind. From Chapter 1 of Genesis to the present day, God has remained in passionate pursuit of His people. Throughout history, and no matter the circumstance, God’s love powerfully reveals His character while transforming the human heart in the process.

Yes! God will always make a difference, and God will always be the difference—in any given relationship, in any circumstance . . .

Wherever you happen to be!

So, how is God calling you to make a difference/be the difference within your community or in the life of a specific individual? What relationship comes to mind even now as you ponder that question?

Mystery Missions Excursion

Recently, on the final day of their semester break, 16 middle and high school girls from Fayetteville First Baptist (Fayetteville, Georgia) partnered up to make a difference within their community by participating in a Mystery Missions Excursion. Their mission included a shopping trip to a dollar store, a visit to a senior church member (who serves as a full-time caregiver to her husband), and an outing to the local pregnancy resource center (where they enthusiastically tackled a to-do list around the facility).

Love in action is love on mission!

Upon arriving at the local dollar store, the girls were instructed to pray about purchasing an item that would bless the faithful wife. The girls were invited to introduce the item to the group and share how God led them to make their selection. Each gift was then lovingly packed into a basket that was prayerfully presented to the devoted wife and her grateful husband. As tears flowed, relationships were born and weary hearts were transformed by God’s love in action and on mission.

So, again the question stands before you: how is God calling you to make a difference/be the difference within your community or in someone’s life? What relationship comes to mind even now as you ponder that question?

Why not make the commitment to prayerfully pursue the answer at this very moment? Then let God use you to make an eternal difference beginning today!

Serve Sunday

In addition to participating in Missions Mystery Excursions, Fayetteville First Baptist also loves to make a difference by hosting SERVE Sunday over Labor Day weekend. Church members wear SERVE T-shirts, divide into teams, and tackle various service projects around their community such as yardwork, pressure washing, and painting projects. Evangelism teams canvass the neighborhoods and distribute invitations to church Bible studies and worship services. Prayerwalking teams serve as another important, ongoing aspect of relationship-building within the community.

Remember to always call on the Holy Spirit to empower you as you go and serve. Trust Him to lead you in pursuing and building relationships within your neighborhood or community. Give God all the glory for the outcome!

Joanie Ballard is most grateful for her personal relationship with Jesus—the One who makes all other relationships possible.


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