Finding Waldo

When Peter Assad was scouring the pages of the Where’s Waldo? books as a child, he had no idea that a couple of decades later he and his wife, Grace, would be planting a church in Waldo.

So where’s Waldo? At one time a town on the southeast side of Kansas City, Missouri, Waldo is now a lively family neighborhood and business district in the heart of the city, with a population of about 13,000. Assad said Waldo is “a very diverse area, boasting a small-town feel while remaining very much urban—young, old, rich, poor, white, black, and everything in between.”

In January 2016, he and a team of committed leaders launched The Church in Waldo, which is presently sharing a building with Antioch Baptist Church. “We seek to reach the diversity of Waldo through a diversity of ministries all united around this single theme: to know Jesus and make Him known,” Assad said.

Whether hosting an Easter egg hunt or a Halloween trunk or treat, sponsoring outdoor concerts at a local park, making and distributing care packages for the homeless, or mobilizing the neighborhood to collect canned goods for The Salvation Army, the church members seek to cultivate relationships and meet needs in order to make Jesus known. “If we are not listening to the heart cries of our community, how can we ever minister to the cries of their hearts?” Assad asked.

His greatest challenges are personal: impatience, self-doubt, and pride, “all of which result from trying to do things according to my own power . . . rather than saying, ‘OK, God, what are You up to and how can I devote myself entirely to where You are at work?’”

He requested prayer for

  • the church to be light in a dark place and salt in a dying world
  • many to embrace Jesus as their Lord and Savior
  • discipleship and missions to be the norm for the church
  • himself to guard his personal life, family, and doctrine

Georgia Herod looks for opportunities to cultivate new relationships in her daily routines.

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