Just Another Mom

Tomoko joined the small group meeting at Miriam Christy’s home mainly as a chance to meet other moms—particularly expatriates who were living in Peru. Tomoko and her husband had moved to Peru from Japan for his job.

Each week, a group of moms gathered at Miriam’s home to hear her teach chronological Bible storying. In the course of the studies, a mom at the local school died of cancer. Miriam decided for her next study she would discuss what the Bible says about suffering and sorrow.

Tomoko later told Miriam that she was raised in a nonreligious home and had had difficulty believing in a god because of suffering in the world.

“Of course there is no God, because how could there be a god if things like this happen,” she would think.

After Miriam’s Bible study, though, Tomoko’s perspective began to change. When Tomoko’s husband lost his job, she said her first thought was, “There is no God!”

“But then she remembered what I had taught her and she said, ‘God is good, so maybe God has a better plan and this is just a part of it,’” Miriam said.

Miriam serves in Peru with the International Mission Board. She said her primary ministry is to her husband and 3 children, particularly since she homeschools 1 child.

“My life here in Peru is very much like the lives of many other moms in the United States,” she said. “The people who receive most of my time and energy are my children and my husband. Sometimes we are afraid to call this ministry, but in God’s eyes, it is a very valuable ministry and should not be overlooked.”

Miriam’s weekly Bible study has ministered to women from various religious and cultural backgrounds.

“It is such a privilege to be a part of God’s work in the lives of these ladies and in the lives of my family members as I get to watch them grow in their walk with God,” she said.

Brittany Conner lives in Jacksonville, Florida, where she spends her free time chasing her 4 young children and writing.

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