Missionary Spotlight Update: Brian and Becky Harrell

Former local witch doctor Adelina is still following Christ. Shortly after her conversion, she came to a meeting covered in painful boils. Becky Harrell was teaching about how following Jesus is not always easy. When Becky spotted Adelina sitting in the dirt, covered in boils, she thought she would use Adelina as an example of faithfulness in hard times. So Becky asked Adelina, rhetorically, if following Jesus was easy.

Adelina responded, “Yes. It is easy.” Becky thought she must have misunderstood the question and asked her again. Adelina had the same reply and added, “Before I followed Jesus, I used to live in fear of the spirits, but now I have peace.”

In a village where Adelina shared her testimony, an old woman gave her life to Christ. This woman’s family had hired a witch doctor to build a spirit hut for her to help her through severe sickness. When she came to Christ, she demanded that the spirit hut be torn down despite her family’s threats of not taking care of her and making her pay back the money that had been spent to build the hut.

And Becky and her husband, Brian, are finding more Christian leaders along the way. Joao is a leader of a Baptist church among a neighboring people group. Joao, the best and brightest student in the couple’s theology and leadership development class, now spends weeks at a time on a remote peninsula 60 miles up the coast reaching 4 villages with the gospel.

Brian and Becky ask for prayer for

  • diligence on their part as they finish studies begun while on stateside assignment;
  • God to send out more workers into the harvest;
  • their core group of leaders to continue to lead with boldness and wisdom; and
  • new believers to take a stand for the gospel in their villages.

Brian and Becky Harrell were featured as part of the Week of Prayer for International Missions in the December 2016 Missions Mosaic

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