Missionary Spotlight Update: Josh and Tiffany Lenon

Josh and Tiffany Lenon have included relationship-building principles in planting Red Door Church in Cincinnati, Ohio. Now they are extending their efforts to Cincinnati’s second Red Door Church.

City church plants, especially those with a millennial base, typically rely on electronic media to reach their communities. And Red Door Church has an especially effective online presence.

However, such sites are also used to communicate with a much wider community. The Lenons are grateful when others outside their city visit IAmRedDoor.org for updates, especially when the news those visitors read fuels prayers for the ministry. Some may be motivated to not only pray but also support this effort with gifts—financial or service-oriented.

Josh Lenon directly credits the support of Southern Baptist entities and individuals, from the North American Mission Board to Send North America: Cincinnati to area partnering churches to Annie Armstrong Easter Offering supporters to individual volunteers, for how God has equipped the church and its members.

He said even those who can’t give or travel to Red Door Church can help by praying through the church’s website.

“I wish I could begin to tell you just how powerful and effective the prayers for our church plants have been.”

Josh and Tiffany Lenon are featured in the August 2016 Missions Mosaic Missionary Spotlight. 

Jean M. McLean is a Birmingham-based freelance writer.

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