Missionary Spotlight Update: Mark and Claire McIntosh*

After more than 15 years as missionaries, Mark and Claire McIntosh have successfully adjusted to most language, cultural, and daily challenges. They acknowledge, however, how frustrated they grow when they stumble over “the same things we have already stumbled over.” Most of that stumbling may relate to spiritual difficulties.

One less spiritual problem many of us can readily identify with: Claire McIntosh’s hatred of rats. Although she probably shared that tidbit of information with tongue in cheek, it serves as a valid reminder. How often do we pray for the “minor” daily frustrations we face? Missionaries receive no pass from them. If anything, they intensify because of the distance from much of their support system.

  • Who helps them kill the “rats” that show up daily?
  • Who laughs with them when they recall those “funniest home video” moments?
  • Who gives them a hug when they get lonely?
  • Who celebrates with them when they reach small, but significant, milestones?

Pray for spiritual strength, definitely. Pray for the salvation and discipleship of people they encounter. Pray for progress in ministry. Pray for good time management, family needs, and health. But don’t forget to also pray for the “rats” in their routines.

*Names changed.

Mark and Claire McIntosh are featured in the October 2016 Missions Mosaic Missionary Spotlight. 

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