Missionary Spotlight Update: Martin and Debra Hasler*

Celebrating American holidays in a different culture, especially in the Middle East, provides the Haslers with an outreach opportunity.

“We usually have big holiday celebrations at our house where we share about Jesus and what He did for us so that we can have salvation,” Debra Hasler explained.

“Recently the groups have gotten so large that we could not fit everyone in our house. Our last celebration, we had over 100 people come for a big holiday meal and celebration where we shared with them about how Jesus died for our sins to free us and give us salvation. These events are big events to plan, but God makes it work every time.”

On the missions field, the entire family—Martin, Debra, and sons Robert* and Michael*—works together to make things happen because God always has a plan. What Debra Hasler has learned is “God does not seek to keep us in the dark about what He wants us to do.”

She referred to Colossians 3:17 as a reminder that all we do is for the Lord. “Commit yourself to God and pray as you go and He will show you the plans He has for you,” she concluded. “Just don’t expect to get the complete set of plans for your life all at once. It is a process.”

*Names changed.

Martin and Debra Hasler are featured in the February 2017 Missions Mosaic Missionary Spotlight.                                                                       

Virginia Kreimeyer writes from her home in Texas but has experienced holidays in foreign lands and prays for missionaries around the world daily.

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