Missionary Spotlight Update: Nathan and Andi Knight

Restoration Church continues to reach a global population in the nation’s capital. One such example is a young Chinese girl who began attending the church more than a year ago. She could be found at many of the fellowship gatherings but continued to only “consider Jesus.” Recently, after a sermon addressing the meaning and importance of the Lord’s Supper, she came to copastor Nathan Knight and, in broken English, said, “I have decided to follow Jesus. What must I do now?” The church celebrated her conversion as she was baptized. This young girl gave an incredibly God-glorifying, Christ-exalting testimony in front of many people. Today she continues to be mentored and discipled by another girl from China in the church.

In its enthusiasm for and commitment to missions across the world and in its city, Restoration Church is still working toward a Spanish-speaking church plant in the heart of Washington, DC, where there is no gospel-centered church. A recent delay in this process has come from the bureaucracy involved in bringing a church planter to begin this Hispanic church. Because the process has gone beyond the specified limits of the State Department, this missionary’s visa has been delayed. Knight asked for prayers for the red tape to be cut and God’s work to advance in the Hispanic community.

Nathan and Andi Knight were featured in the May 2016 Missions Mosaic Missionary Spotlight. 

Dianne Swaim writes from North Little Rock, Arkansas, where she belongs to a very missions-minded church in the heart of downtown Little Rock.

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