Frequently Asked Questions for Adult Missions

What is the difference between WMU and Women on Mission and Adults on Mission? Aren't they the same thing?

WMU is the overarching missions organization for all age levels, from preschool to adult. It has the word Woman in its title because it was started by women and in most churches is coordinated by women. Women on Mission is the organization within WMU for women. The relationship is similar to your Bible study or Sunday School program in your church. Sunday School is the term for all the classes, no matter what the age level is. Within Sunday School you have adult classes, children's classes, etc. Adults on Mission is a coed organization for women and men in mission.

What are the positions of leadership needed for Women on Mission and Adults on Mission?

  • Flexibility is the key word when answering this question. It totally depends on the goals of the church.
  • Facilitators lead group members in preparing for, doing, and assessing the work of the group. That can be completing projects, keeping records, promoting involvement, and many other tasks.
  • Project leaders are responsible for specific projects such as a ministry activity, a prayer retreat, an on-going prayer project, or a special event.
  • Planning teams are shared leadership for any of the above. One person doesn't have to be the "head honcho" all the time. It may work better in your church to have teams pool their talents, ideas, and skills
  • Members of a group become involved. Involvement is the key word. A member can become a group of one -- the leader, facilitator, and membership all wrapped up in one package. Or join efforts to those of others to form a group of any size.
  • Coordinators do just what that title says: they coordinate the work of multiple groups.

Do you have a Question about Women on Mission or Adults on Mission? 

Women on Mission Guide for Leaders (print version) or Women on Mission Guide for Leaders (download version).

Adult on Mission Leaders Guide print and download versions available.

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