Transitioning from South Africa to Ghana

Beth Locke had a desire to work overseas, but she never dreamed that God would call her to international mission service. “When I met my husband, he had a strong, longtime call to international missions. We spent 20 months in Eindhoven, [Netherlands], with the [International Mission Board’s] International Service Corps. That time working with internationals and with refugees confirmed that call. Many of the refugees were from Africa. As I have diabetes, the board would only send us a few places. South Africa was one of them, and there was a job request that fit us.”

After 18 years in South Africa, the Lockes will transition to a new area of service in 2016. Alan Locke will be the country catalyst in Ghana. He and Beth anticipate surveying the 9 unreached people groups in the north of the country, working with the local convention, and setting up possible partnerships with American churches. Beth plans to open their home to convention and church leaders, using hospitality to build new relationships with new colleagues.

Changing jobs, moving to a new country, and helping family members adjust are just a few of the tasks in front of Beth. “Transitions, even ones anticipated, can be stressful. Our son Ben, who has Down syndrome, will be leaving his school this year now [that] he is 18. There is an adult center, and there is room for him. Pray he adjusts well. Also pray as God shows me in what ways and where I can serve Him in Accra.”

Pray also for the ministry the Lockes will leave behind them. Beth asked specifically for prayer for children living with relatives or in foster situations to experience love and good care, that gospel words would take root in hearts that have heard the truth, and for the workers in the various small churches to be diligent and helpful in their work, growing in God’s grace.

Beth Holmes is a wife and mom who writes from Owensboro, Kentucky.

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