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Connect the Dots

For more than 125 years WMU has focused on leading individuals to be intricately involved in missions. After more than a century countless individuals have learned and practiced a life of missions by giving to missions, praying for missions, supporting missions, and being involved in hands-on missions experiences.

Why is WMU important in the life of a church? WMU has many benefits for the church. Below are several key ingredients WMU can bring to a church. As you visit with and serve alongside churches in your community and association be sure to help them know and understand the benefits of having WMU organizations for all ages.


What Can WMU Do for My Church?

  • WMU creates an environment to hear and understand God’s call and receive nurturing in that call.
  • WMU creates an awareness and sensitivity toward people of other cultures and languages as people whom God loves.
  • WMU leads people to experience missions personally through mission action and witness.
  • WMU develops leaders for missions efforts among all age groups.
  • WMU begins at the birth of a child, teaching her or him about God’s great love for all people.
  • The activities of those involved in WMU help a church fulfill its mission.
  • WMU helps a church stay focused on the commission Jesus gave His followers.
  • Involvement in WMU fosters a biblical worldview.

As a WMU leader in your church and/or association we hope you will join us in spreading the word about the importance of WMU in the church. In an effort to help grow WMU we are launching and all-new WMU growth plan. The plan is called Connect the DOTS. You can see how this is fleshed out below.

We hope you will join us in spreading the word about the value of WMU in the church ... to help "connect the dots" of ways to involve a growing number of women and men, girls and boys, in missions through WMU.


How Can I Help?

D–Discover new members. Look around your church, community, and association to discover how you can help add new members to existing WMU organizations. Many people are looking for ways to get involved; they just need to be invited. 

O–Organize groups. Are there new WMU groups that could be formed within your church or churches in your association? Are there churches currently providing children’s missions education through Children in Action but could easily transition to Girls in Action and Royal Ambassadors for girls and boys respectively? What about the teenagers? Consider beginning an Acteens group for teenage girls and a Challengers group for teenage boys. Once children complete their time in GA and RA, it’s important for them to be able to take the next step in their missions journey and get involved in student missions through Acteens and Challengers.

T–Teach churches. There are churches in your community who don’t have missions education opportunities for their members. No one is laying a missions foundation for those preschoolers, children, and teenagers. Think about how you can help them get one or more organizations started. Share the importance of ongoing missions education for all age levels. Offer to help. Mentor a new leader, and see new individuals learn what it means to join God in His work in the world. 

S–Spotlight entry points. There are many ways WMU can help people be involved in missions. Consider hosting a community-wide WorldCrafts party or planning a churchwide or an associational trip. You might also consider hosting a neighborhood or community Bible study utilizing one of the many Bible studies offered by New Hope Publishers. The opportunities are endless. 

All these steps point to helping individuals and churches connect the dots and understand the importance of missions involvement. If you want to help the churches in your association raise up the next generation of missions disciples, then you must help them understand this begins by laying a missions foundation for preschoolers, children, and teenagers. If the churches in your association want to be known for giving to missions, then they must understand the importance of including missions education and involvement in the DNA of their churches. We can connect the dots to greater missions involvement and a greater love for the people of the world. Come alongside the churches in your association and help them see the value of WMU in the church.

Raising up the next generation of missions disciples begins by laying a missions foundation for preschoolers, children, and teenagers. If a church wants to see preschoolers, children, teenagers, and even adults understand God can use them in His work in the world, it is time to make missions a part of their everyday faith journey. Help "connect the dots" to greater missions involvement.

Look for more information about Connect the Dots in upcoming issues of WMU publications.

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