It’s Christmas . . . in August!

Christmas in August—yes, that’s right! No need to wait until December to celebrate. You can get in the spirit of giving right in the middle of summer.

Christmas in August allows members of all age-level WMU organizations, entire churches, and even associations the opportunity to be involved in mission support through providing needed items for North American missionaries.

Cindy Skelton, Girls in Action leader at St. Andrews Baptist Church, Columbia, South Carolina, shared that her GAs choose a missionary for whom they will bring gifts. In September, they have a meeting where they sing Christmas carols, make an ornament to remind them to pray for the missionary, and enjoy Christmas cookies. If possible, they invite the missionary to come to receive the gifts and share about his or her ministry during the meeting.

Brenda Dempsey, lead Mission Friends teacher at First Baptist Church, Cleveland, South Carolina, shared that Christmas in August is an exciting time at her small church. When Brenda first decided to include Christmas in August in her plans for Mission Friends, she sent notices home to parents, requesting they send something for Christmas in August with their preschooler. The preschoolers decorated a box for all the items they collected. This mission support project was so exciting for the Mission Friends; they wanted everyone to be involved. They expanded their Christmas in August project to make it a churchwide mission support project. Brenda said the preschoolers loved to watch people drop by and place their items in the box. Volunteers decorated a Christmas tree and placed it in the church. The Mission Friends also made a Christmas card to send with their gifts. Everyone participated in packing the box, sealing it, and mailing it. One piece of advice Brenda would offer is to start early in preparing for Christmas in August, as there is much to do.

Christmas in August indeed brings a welcome change to “the dog days of summer” with the opportunity for some unexpected blessings at an unexpected time of the year!

Sandra Tapp is associate executive director, South Carolina WMU. 

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