Monthly Ideas to Involve Church Members in Missions

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There is good news about sharing the good news! Even if your church is without churchwide WMU or WMU missions organizations, your members can be involved in missions. Check out these monthly ideas for missions and get ready to impact those around you:

September: Your State Missions Offering

Check with your state convention or state WMU office to find out when your state missions offering is collected. During the month of the offering, ask drama enthusiasts to research the offering and prepare short weekly commercials to share information and challenge members to give to the offering. Set an offering goal. Let dramatists choose a fun way to gather the offering (banks, milk cartons, coffee cups, or other ideas) and display amounts given until the goal is reached.

October: Global Hunger Sunday

Assemble a team of members who are concerned about global hunger to coordinate a hunger experience for your church. Find instructions for a hunger event for different ages in Understanding Global Hunger. Ask participants to donate canned foods at the event. Deliver the food to a local food bank. After the event, give each family a bank, such as Bread Banks for Global Hunger Relief, to help fight global hunger by collecting an offering. Send offering receipts to Global Hunger Relief. Find more information at

November: Blessing Baskets

Reach out to the hungry in your community. Contact your local Baptist association to request names of families in need. (Or contact a social service agency, realizing that social workers may have to deliver the baskets in order to protect recipients’ privacy.) Coordinate the cooks in your fellowship to create a sign-up list of foods for a delicious Thanksgiving dinner. Encourage church members to choose items to bring and let everyone work together to provide ingredients and supplies for a generous dinner. Ask preschoolers to make handprint turkey cards to place in baskets with the food. Fill baskets with meal items and deliver to families or the social service agency, as scheduled ahead of time. If you are allowed to deliver the baskets, then encourage and pray with each family. If you can’t be there, then pray as a church for the families.

December: Lottie Moon Christmas Offering and Week of Prayer and Mission Study for International Missions

Plan a churchwide mission study with the detailed planning tips found in the International Mission Study Promotion Kit. Use its colorful posters and recipes to help you attract interest. Pair the kit with the age-level teaching guides to coordinate the study from start to finish and mobilize your children, students, and adults to pray for and give to international missions.

January: Warmed with Love

Enlist members who are skilled in knitting, crocheting, and sewing to make warm winter clothing items like hats, mittens, and scarves. Distribute items to the homeless or deliver them to a women and children’s shelter. Wrap others in the love of Christ.

February: Children’s Missions Day

Invite children in grades 1–6 and their leaders to plan a community ministry project such as painting over graffiti, picking up trash, doing yard work for elderly neighbors, or making cards to give to nursing home residents for Children’s Missions Day. Encourage church members to donate supplies, funds, and volunteer hours to make the project a success. Turn this ministry activity into a missions outreach by praying for ministry recipients and being ready to plant a gospel seed.

March: Annie Armstrong Easter Offering and Week of Prayer and Mission Study for North American Missions

Enlist student leaders to organize and carry out the Week of Prayer and Mission Study for North American Missions and the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering. Ask teens to decorate a bulletin board with an Easter theme. Include an offering goal, missionary information, and a chart to show how much has been given toward your church’s goal. Guide teens to creatively present information about the offering, the week of prayer, and the North American Mission Study to the church. Visit to find resources.

April: Spring Flower Fling

Gather green thumbs in your congregation and enlist their help in planning a spring flower fling. Choose a local organization such as an after-school program, a nursing home, the police department, a preschool, or a women’s shelter. Take flowers, soil, and garden tools to beautify the grounds of your chosen location. Interact with workers, residents, or both. Concentrate on building relationships and encouraging the people to whom you minister. Pray before, during, and after this missions project.

May: Muffins for Moms

Invite your moms to give the gift of good old-fashioned get-to-know-you to community moms. Ask volunteers to bake tasty muffins. Set up and decorate pretty tables in a public venue. Plant a couple of moms at each table to visit with other moms who stop by to see what is happening. Serve muffins and iced tea as moms visit and encourage each other. Be sure to offer prayer to moms and invite them to church.

June: Doughnuts for Dads

Do you know men who won’t attend church? Take church to them. Set up a free doughnuts and coffee stand in the parking lot of a home and garden store (get permission first). Challenge dads in your congregation to serve others and hang out with the guys while enjoying doughnuts. Remind them that relationships are foundational when it comes to welcoming new families to church. Build those relationships!

July: Play and Tell

Ask volunteers to plan outdoor activities for a nearby park. (Request permission from city officials if necessary.) Set up play stations at the park. Include stations for snacks, water play, games, art projects, and listening to a Bible story. Connect with community members and their children as they enjoy the play stations. Distribute invitations to church as families depart. Plan follow-up visits to interested families.

August: Christmas in August

Celebrate Christmas in August by giving to North American missionaries. Visit to find helpful tips and Christmas in August missionaries. Ask volunteers to copy a wish list of a selected missionary. Let members decorate a Christmas tree and place large gift boxes beneath it to collect donations. Meet together, play Christmas music, and package supplies for mailing. Pray for the missionary before mailing packages.

Want more ideas to lead your church in learning about and doing missions? Missions Plan Book has you covered with 12 monthly units, each containing a Bible study, mission study, prayer page, special emphasis, and meeting plan.

Angie Quantrell writes from Washington, where she seeks creative ways to involve members of her church in missions. Contact her at


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