State Missions Coffeehouse

One of our church’s most successful state missions events was the Applause! Coffeehouse. To celebrate what God is doing in our state and promote the state missions offering, the fellowship hall was transformed into a coffeehouse, complete with casual seating and subdued lighting. Specially designed placemats featured facts about the state missions offering, a brief story about one of the ministries the offering supports, and a state missions word search puzzle.

Adorning one wall was an art display featuring the state missions artwork the children had created during their regular Girls in Action and Royal Ambassadors meetings.

Specialty coffees were served, as well as tea, hot chocolate, and an assortment of bakery items. A tip jar was available for people to give to the state missions offering.

While there was ample time for those attending to converse with their friends, there was also entertainment, which included stories about missions work in our state, a comedy routine about church planting, and special music with a missions theme.

Each seating area had a short list of state missions prayer requests and there was a time of prayer among small groups.

The event had been publicized in creative ways as well. One Sunday, 2 younger children sat on the floor in a high-traffic area of the church rolling a coffee can back and forth between them. This drew a lot of attention. Inside the can was a smaller coffee can filled with ingredients, so they were actually making ice cream that the children would enjoy during children’s church. A save-the-date sign promoted the coffeehouse and adults were on hand to answer questions.

The week before the event, a pair of comfortable chairs had been placed in the church foyer, along with a side table holding 2 coffee mugs. Two women stood nearby passing out flavored creamers attached to an invitation to attend the coffeehouse.

The coffee theme was also used in the visual display that tracked giving to the state missions offering. A clear, cylinder-shaped vase was placed at the front of the church. For every dime given to state missions, a single coffee bean was placed inside the vase. Church members enjoyed watching the display grow, knowing that their giving would benefit the missions and ministries of our state.

Jeanette Cloyd has written state missions materials for her home state of Illinois in the past and promotes missions awareness regularly.






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