Associational Objectives and FAQs

Local Baptist churches voluntarily partner together in groups called associations. These associations can be small or large, with as few as a handful of churches partnering together or as many as a few hundred working together. WMU plays a role in the local association, as it does in the local church.

At the associational level, there are four objectives which guide WMU in the association. These objectives are interrelated and complement one another. Taken together, they provide a comprehensive approach to helping the association achieve its missions vision and purpose.

Associational WMU objectives apply in every size and type of association. Vibrant and effective associational WMU teams use these objectives as a guide in planning and a standard for evaluation.


Associational objectives for WMU in the association are: 

  • Nurture a missions environment in the churches and association.
  • Provide and participate in associational missions activities and projects.
  • Equip churches to provide missions awareness and involvement. 
  • Develop and strengthen WMU in all congregations.

Associational WMU leaders should be members of churches within the association. They need to possess experience in both associational and church WMU work. If possible, they should be experienced in a related capacity in their churches. For instance, an associational WMU GA Consultant should be, or should have recently been, a GA leader in her church. Because leaders are so important to outcomes, careful attention to developing and enlisting leaders for associational WMU is vital.

WMU leaders in associations help churches and the association to be on mission, locally and globally. WMU leaders in the association are visionary and creative thinkers. They work in areas where God has given them gifts they can use to serve.


WMU associational leaders have:

  • A Heart for Missions
  • An Understanding of the Church and Association
  • A Passion for WMU in the Association
  • A Desire for Supportive Relationships
  • A Commitment to Share Leadership

For more information:
WMU Missions Guide For Associational Leaders is available for purchase on for $5.99.
With this guide, you will learn how to begin missions education and involvement in churches in your association. This resource provides information on topics ranging from WMU's four associational objectives to potential leadership roles to how WMU connects within and outside the association.

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