Passport Not Needed

The International Mission Study is always an eye-opener as to what is actually going on and where God is at work around the world. Through this focused study, our church members can travel around the world without having a passport or getting those painful and expensive shots!

In past years, our church held a special event where the study was taught and a covered-dish meal, with foods from the country being studied, was served. Other years, we used the study as our mission study during the November monthly Women on Mission®meetings. In both cases, we decorated the room and tables to carry through the theme of the study.

One year, we decided on a different approach. As associational WMU director, I invited the director of missions to team-teach the mission study with me. Special invitations were mailed to pastors of churches in the association telling them the theme of the study and the time frame needed for presenting the study.

Several churches invited us to come on Sunday evening to teach the study during the Sunday evening worship service time. We presented the chapters of the book, going back and forth between them, within the time that each church allotted.

This proved to be an effective way to teach the study as most of the churches were not teaching the book study at all. More people attended, which meant more people heard about the area of the world being studied and the missionaries who served there.

This resulted in more learning, more praying, and more giving. It was a win-win!

Charlotte Watson recently retired as minister of missions, but she continues to enjoy leading, teaching, writing, and serving in missions.

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