Missions Expedition


Missions Expedition is an individual achievement plan for boys and girls. It helps children deepen their understanding of missions. Missions Expedition can be used as a part of Children in Action. Or it can supplement any children's group or homeschool class. Either once a month or quarter, Children in Action groups are encouraged to work on a Missions Expedition.

Leaders choose assignments from Missions Expedition. These assignments include:

  • Praying for missions
  • Giving to missions
  • Learning about missions
  • Doing missions
  • My church and missions
  • Growing in missions 
  • The Bible and missions
This optional plan is designed for use once every month. Missions Expedition helps leaders customize projects that help children grow spiritually and mature in their understanding of missions.

Leaders may give badges to children at the end of the year for completing a specific assignment(s). A vest is available from Lifeway.com to display badges. A vest pattern is also available as a free download

Missions Expedition Resources

For more information, consult Missions Expedition - available on wmustore.com

Missions Expedition - An Individual Achievement Plan for Children in Action

Go on a great expedition! Missions Expedition is the achievement plan for Children in Action. Keep your group engaged with more than 150 hands-on activities, Scripture memorizations, and ministry ideas.

Download a free sample of Missions Expedition.

W127105 $24.99 

Missions Expedition Badge

A recognition badge to give to children as they begin participation in the new Children in Action Achievement Plan (Missions Expedition).

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