This Month – September 2018

September Memory Verse: Luke 5:20


September 2018 Ideas

September: Contribution Cards

Refer to p. 20 of the Sep • Oct • Nov • 2018 issue of GA Leader and and RA Leader.

Download these “Contribution Cards” and play “Mobilizing Mania” with your children.

September: Map a Verse

Refer to pp. 21 and 23 of the Sep • Oct • Nov • 2018 issue of RA Leader and pp. 11 and 13 of Children in Action Leader.

Print two sets of “Map a Verse” and cut out the map pieces. Play “Map a Verse” and “Unpack a Verse” to help your RAs and CAs learn this month’s Bible verse! 

September: Love Others Bible Verses

Refer to p. 23 of the Sep • Oct • Nov • 2018 issue of GA Leader.

Print “Love Others Bible Verses” for the “Hands and Feet” activity in Week Three. 

September: Ideas for Showers of Love

Refer to p. 25 of the Sep • Oct • Nov • 2018 issue of GA Leader.

Print these ideas for your “Baby Shower of Love” project. 

September: Friendship Investigation

Refer to p. 9 of the Sep • Oct • Nov • 2018 issue of Children in Action Leader.

Download “Friendship Investigation” and discuss the qualities of a good friend with your CAs

September: Links

Use this section for any links referenced in the Sep • Oct • Nov • 2018 issues of GA Leader, RA Leader, and Children in Action Leader.

GA Leader

RA Leader

Children in Action Leader

September: Children in Action Extras

Download and use this Extras page to enhance Children in Action meetings in September!

September: Family Missions Focus

Download and use this resource to reinforce what your groups are learning every month in Girls in Action, Royal Ambassadors, and Children in Action. Family Missions Focus includes a feature for you to type notes to parents on the left-hand side of the page! Print the page for parents or email them as a monthly way to encourage their support.

September: Missions Photos

Bill Barker serves with the Appalachian Mountain Ministry. Appalachia is one of the poorest areas of the United States, and Appalachian Mountain Ministry mobilizes volunteers to donate resources and time to serve the impoverished people of Appalachia. 



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