Easy Steps to a Fun Lock-In

Give parents some time off and keep your kids excited about missions with one missions-focused and fun-packed lock-in.

Use this schedule to help you plan a great event:

Registration: Collect parental permission forms, contact numbers, and insurance information. Divide children into three groups, using different-colored stickers.

Pizza dinner

Missions Rotations: Set up three missions-rotation stations. Assign a leader to prepare and lead each station. Ask an adult to guide each group from station to station.

1. Bible Study: Ask your pastor or children’s minister to tell a Bible story. Have children make their own play based on their story. Perhaps during game time, the kids can perform them for each other.

2. Missionary Moment: Recruit a missionary on assignment in your state to discuss customs in her or her region of service. Ask the missionary to share how kids live—what they enjoy, play, say—in their region. Finally, have the missionary tell kids about how he or she shares Christ with people.

3. Craft or Project: use ideas from your curriculum or other WMU products.

Free Time: Let children play freely among activities set up around a large room or gym: craft projects, food tasting, missionary letter writing, prayerwalking, language learning, international dress, and cultural experiences.

Game time: Play games from your children’s missions curriculum or other WMU resources.

Midnight snack: have children share snacks that they bring from home. Or, have a church group volunteer to provide snacks.

Movie or Sleep Time: have children lie down on their sleeping bags and watch a movie (or let them stay up all night playing games).

Wake-up call and breakfast (doughnuts, milk, and orange juice work well).

Goodbye! Take children home or have parents pick them up. Leaving early gives girls and chaperones time to get a little rest at home.

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