Leading Children to Fight Hunger

By Stacy Nall

As a child, I often heard this reminder from my well-meaning parents and grandparents: “Clean your plate. There are starving children in China.”

While I felt sorry for the starving children in China, I never figured out how eating all the food on my plate would help their situation. Now, many years later, I’m still cleaning my plate (and then some!). But children in Asia, Africa, and South America are still starving. Even children in my own country go to bed hungry each night.

In the United States, the cause of hunger is due to poverty. The US has more than enough food to feed its own people, but one in every four children live in households who struggle to put food on the table. They simply don’t have the money to buy food.

Worldwide, 925 million people—or one in every seven persons—is hungry. Hunger has many causes: economic and political problems, climate changes, lack of agricultural education, and poverty.

While the causes of hunger seem complex, you can help children in your missions organization do a lot to fight hunger:

• Teach children about specific places in the world where hunger is an urgent problem.

• Pray specifically for missions personnel who are working in poverty-stricken areas.

• Help children think of ways to earn money for Global Hunger Relief. Organize a mini-marathon (bike-a-thon, walk-a-thon, skate-a-thon, etc.) Make crafts or goodies in exchange for donations to Global Hunger Relief. Collect aluminum cans to recycle.

• Encourage children to do chores for their parents to earn money for Global Hunger Relief.

• Lead your group to work at a local food pantry or soup kitchen.

You can give to Global Hunger Relief through www.imb.org or globalhungerrelief.com. Global Hunger Relief offerings are split 80/20 between the IMB and the North American Mission Board.

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