This Month in Children's Missions

This month in children's missions.

WMU coordinates the missions curriculum for Children in Action, Girls in Action, and Royal Ambassadors (WMU's gender specific missions organizations for children). Each month, children focus on the same missionaries and missions emphases. While learning activities and teaching materials are specifically tailored to meet each organization's needs, coordinated curriculum enhances joint experiences when appropriate. 

Read below for February and March ideas.



February 2017 Ideas

February: Salt Dough Recipe

Make your own salt dough to use while creating your burning bush. Keep the recipe for creating other artwork!

What you need:
• 2 cups all-purpose flour
• 1 cup salt
• 1 cup cold water
• food coloring (optional)
• large bowl
• mixing spoon

What you do:
1. Combine the salt and flour. Mix well.
2. Gradually add a 1/2-cup of water and mix well.
3. Knead the dough on a counter or table. Add a few drops of water as needed, but be careful not to make it too sticky.
4. Add food coloring, if desired.
5. Put the dough in a sealed container until you are ready to use it.

Use this dough to make your burning bush stand up. Stick the bush you made into the dough. Then, let the dough harden.

February: Honest Friendships

Ryan and Amanda Harvey* help people who have moved to the Middle East from other countries. Amanda opens her heart to them by understanding the culture from which they come. It is easy for her to build honest friendships with them.

This helps them build an honest relationship with God. People who have an honest relationship with God will admit when they have done wrong and ask God for forgiveness.

Amanda and Ryan say that being honest with God helps us grow in our friendship with Him.

*Names have been changed.

February: Soup and Conversations

The Haslers* know families who need help with food and clothing. They work with a group that has a soup kitchen, a place to give away food, and a place where people can find clothes to wear.

Martin and Debra* help in the soup kitchen. They cook a huge meal that includes soup, salad, a main dish, and dessert. The guests are treated as if they are in a restaurant. People bring the food to their table.

Musicians play and sing music about God. Others tell about their relationship with God. Some people sit at the table and talk with the people who are eating.

After the meal and conversation, the guests are given food and clothing to take home with them.

*Names have been changed.

February: Children in Action Extras

Download and use this Extras page for additional activities to enhance Children in Action meetings in February!

February: Family Missions Focus

Download and use this resource to reinforce what your groups are learning every month in Girls in Action, Royal Ambassadors, and Children in Action. Family Missions Focus now includes a feature for you to type notes to parents on the left-hand side of the page! Print the page for parents or email to them monthly as a way to encourage their support.

February: Missions Photos


Ryan and Amanda Harvey* serve their neighbors in the Middle East. Because of their language skills and cultural backgrounds, the Harveys are equipped to make connections with their neighbors and help immigrants adjust to living in the Middle East. 

*Names have been changed.


Martin and Debra Hasler* encourage their neighbors through activities at a camp and conference center. They, along with their team members, use sports, Bible studies, outreach events, camps, and neighborhood and school activities to reach the people in their community. They also help new Christian workers adapt to life in the Middle East.

*Names have been changed.


March 2017 Ideas

March: Superstar Corrie

Corrie Woolstenhulme may only be two years old, but she loves being a missionary kid (MK). Corrie is named after Corrie Ten Boom—a Christian who helped many Jews during the Holocaust in World War II. Corrie’s parents, Jeff and Tessa, wanted her to be named after someone she could look up to.

Corrie lives in California. Her father serves college students at the University of California, Riverside (UCR). You don’t see a lot of children on a college campus. So, this makes Corrie a superstar among the students at UCR. Jeff and Tessa love to take Corrie with them as they minister to the students at UCR. For many of their students, it is their first time ever holding a baby.

Jeff says, “We love watching God use Corrie to soften the students’ hearts, as well as to teach them the basic skill of how to interact with and care for children. We also love knowing that Corrie will grow up around young adults who are seeking to follow Christ. We know that Corrie will have no shortage of positive role models in her life.”

Jeff and Tessa see Corrie as a blessing from God. They hope that as students see the way they value and raise Corrie, it will impact the way they love their own families in the future.

March: Q and A with Alcides Castellanos—Church Planter in Los Angeles, California

Q: What do you do for recreation? What are your hobbies?
A: My family enjoys going to parks, going to restaurants, and trying food from different cultures. We also love to talk about what God is doing.

Q: What is your family’s favorite Bible verse?
A: Our favorite verses are John 15:13 and Matthew 25:35–40. The reason these verses are so important to us is because God has made our family understand that to be real disciples of Jesus, we need to lay down our own lives for others and to help others in need. This is not only to help them with food and clothing, but to help with the most important thing—getting closer to Jesus.

Q: How does the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering help your ministry?
A: The Annie Armstrong Easter Offering has been a blessing to our ministry. We have been able to feed people who are homeless and provide children in need with backpacks for school. We have also been to Mexicali, a Mexican city where United States officials often drop off deportees, to share the gospel and provide the people there with food and clothes.

Q: What are your prayer requests?
A: Pray for all the families around our church. There are many Hispanic churches in our neighborhood, but we are the only one that is bilingual. All of our services are in English and Spanish. I know God has put us in that specific neighborhood. Pray for more English-speaking church members. Pray that God would keep helping us and providing us with people who are willing to work with us.

March: GA Pen Pals

Making friends is so important for all young girls. It is especially fun to make friends who share your interests but live somewhere else—a different city or state, a different culture or family. Connect with other GA groups to pair girls with pen pals. GA leaders can connect over social media with other GA leaders. Post a photo of your group and then send details.

Lead GAs to write a letter or email. Or, send a package as a group filled with items. Here are some fun ideas girls can include:

  • Natural items you find in your hometown, such as flowers, leaves, rocks, or sticks
  • Handmade items, like a special photo album, some artwork, a keychain, or a craft
  • A postcard from your hometown or state
  • A candy or snack item
  • A list of your GA achievements
  • A favorite Bible verse
  • A map you drew of your town and church
  • A copy of your favorite song
  • A sheet of stickers to share
  • Anything from a dollar discount store

March: Friendship Party

Celebrate your GA friends by hosting a party or sleepover. Have GAs take the lead in planning the evening; they will plan the food, games, and activities.

Here a few ideas:

  • Plan the party food around friendship. Have everyone bring a certain ingredient that will be used for the food. Everyone will bring one item, but everyone will share or prepare the meal using what was brought. Taco Crawl from this month’s recipe (p. 19 in GA World) works well for this.
  • Plan a friendship tea. Girls will serve and prepare the tea for each other. No one should prepare her own tea or plate; her friend will find out what she likes and bring it to her.
  • Play cooperation games together. The goal is to finish a task together, not to compete with each other. Choose what best fits your group. Bunko works great for larger groups, but most card games or board games will also work.
  • Play “Sleeping Bag Pile Up.” Everyone will lay their blankets corner to corner. While music plays, GAs will dance around. When it stops, everyone will pile on top of the blankets. Remove blankets each time so that the pile grows smaller, until eventually just one blanket remains for all girls to crowd on together.
  • Use this opportunity to promote summer GA camp. Invite Acteens to be speakers and lead worship. Do a mini-camp with your GAs.

March: Who Was Annie?

Refer to p. 14 of the Mar • Apr • May • 2017 issue of Children in Action Leader.

Download the "Who Was Annie?" quiz to help CAs learn more about the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering.

March: Children in Action Extras

Download and use this Extras page for additional activities to enhance Children in Action meetings in March!

March: Family Missions Focus

Download and use this resource to reinforce what your groups are learning every month in Girls in Action, Royal Ambassadors, and Children in Action. Family Missions Focus now includes a feature for you to type notes to parents on the left-hand side of the page! Print the page for parents or email to them monthly as a way to encourage their support.

March: Missions Photos

Jeff and Tessa Woolstenhulme share Jesus on a college campus in Los Angeles, California. Jeff meets with students and helps them grow in their faith. He also teaches students how to share their faith with others.   Alcides and Claudia Castellanos are church planters who started a bilingual church in Los Angeles, California. They also minister to people in a nearby park by sharing Jesus and feeding the community.


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