An Opportunity to Give

The WMU Foundation provides people with a simple way to directly support the ministries of WMU. Every year, the Foundation makes grants to state WMU ministries, disaster relief efforts, missionary kids, seminary students, and many others.

One way the WMU Foundation assists national WMU is through the Vision Fund. This fund supports Missionsfest/Familyfest, International Initiatives, Christian Women’s Job Corps/Christian Men’s Job CorpsProject HELP: Human Exploitation, the MK reentry retreat, and many other ministries.

The WMU Foundation recently issued a challenge called Give34. The Foundation asks individuals to spend one hour doing ministry, and then donate $34 to the Vision Fund—the amount it costs to support one hour of WMU ministry. Many groups are taking the challenge one step further and volunteering for as many as 34 hours!

Want an opportunity to support WMU’s ministries in a tangible way? Challenge your GA group to take part in Give34 this year.

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