Productive Partnerships

by Edith Fisher

Discipleship training and missions education go hand in hand. Both provide a spiritual foundation for children to learn biblical truths and to apply those principles to their lives. But convincing leaders of the importance of fitting missions education in with other church programs may lead you to hoist up the distress flag!

Here are some ways you can build a productive partnership between missions education leaders, children’s ministry leaders, and the pastoral team:

• Develop a churchwide vision statement for children’s ministry, while encouraging members to recognize and promote all children’s programs. 
• Work with other children’s ministry leaders to coordinate meetings, activities, and events.
• Emphasize the common purpose of programs that help children learn about God’s love and share that love with others.
• Invite church leaders and children’s ministry leaders to participate in missions education meetings, activities, and events.
• Communicate regularly with other children’s ministry leaders in your church. Keep communication simple and effective.
• Ask for opportunities to promote missions education during worship services, in your church newsletter, and on hallway bulletin boards.
• Pray for strong relationships among leaders. Intercede for relationships that are suffering. Ask God to help leaders develop a unified purpose.
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