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As children are introduced to missional concepts, they learn they have an active part to play in God’s plan for their lives and for the world. They come to understand God can use them now—even in their youth—to share His love with others and make a difference. Experiences gained through childhood missions education lead to a lifelong commitment of service to God, His mission, and His church.

Girls in Action for girls, Royal Ambassadors for boys, and Children in Action for coed groups, are ongoing missions discipleship organizations for children in grades 1–6.

Through these organizations, children . . .

  • read and understand accounts from the Bible of God’s love for all people and His plan for saving them.
  • experience prayer as an active, vital part of supporting God’s mission.
  • discover that giving to missions supports God’s mission while teaching the proper role of financial resources in a Christian’s life.
  • impact God’s mission as they actively share their faith with others through missions projects and activities.


What is Unstoppable?

“But we don’t belong to the people who pull back and are destroyed. We belong to the people who believe and are saved” (Hebrews 10:39 NIrV). 

Unstoppable is the 2020–2021 theme for Girls in Action, Royal Ambassadors, and Children in Action. Through this emphasis, children will soar to new heights, overcome old obstacles, and be encouraged to live out God’s call!

Plan now with the Unstoppable Promotion Pack. This pack will help you bring the Unstoppable theme to life with activities, ideas, full-color posters, and decorating tips inspired by relying on God’s power to overcome anything. Also included are plans and posters for Children’s Missions Day 2021.

Monthly Missions Topics

Girls in Action, Royal Ambassadors*, and Children in Action will learn about these topics each month. Check the current issue of GA LeaderGA WorldRA LeaderRA World, or Children in Action Leader for more information about each topic.

*For Royal Ambassadors, click here to download a PDF file of the RA 2020–2021 Curriculum Plans. This list includes the Unit Scripture Verses, RA Virtues, and the biblical focus for each month. You can also click here to download the complete list of the past year of Unit Scripture Verses and Additional Memory Verses found in the 2019–2020 issues of RA Leader and RA World.


2019–2020 Remaining Topics

July 2020
Focus: Japan
Scripture Verse: John 4:13–14
Bible Story: John 4:1–13
Emphasis/Virtue: Go For It/Courage

August 2020
Focus: Chaplaincy
Scripture Verse: Luke 19:9–10
Bible Story: Luke 19:1–10
Emphasis/Virtue: Go For It/Teamwork


2020–2021 Topics

September 2020
Focus: Baptist Friendship House
Scripture Verse: Psalm 121:7–8
Bible Story: Psalm 121
Emphasis/Virtue: Unstoppable/Compassion

October 2020
Focus: Send Relief
Scripture Verse: Exodus 14:13–14
Bible Story: Exodus 13:17–14:31
Emphasis/Virtue: Unstoppable/Perseverance

November 2020
Focus: California
Scripture Verse: Matthew 3:16
Bible Story: Matthew 3:13–17
Emphasis/Virtue: Unstoppable/Self-Discipline

December 2020
Focus: Lottie Moon
Scripture Verse: Luke 1:49
Bible Story: Luke 1:39–56
Emphasis/Virtue: Unstoppable/Teamwork

January 2021
Focus: Washington
Scripture Verse: Philippians 1:13
Bible Story: Philippians 1:12–14; 19–27
Emphasis/Virtue: Unstoppable/Friendship

February 2021
Focus: Heart Languages (Scripture Accessibility)
Scripture Verse: Acts 2:4
Bible Story: Acts 2:1–41
Emphasis/Virtue: Unstoppable/Honesty

March 2021
Focus: New York/Annie Armstrong
Scripture Verse: 1 Samuel 17:45
Bible Story: 1 Samuel 17
Emphasis/Virtue: Unstoppable/Courage

April 2021
Focus: Ghana
Scripture Verse: John 20:18
Bible Story: John 19:1–20:18
Emphasis/Virtue: Unstoppable/Faith

May 2021
Focus: BCM
Scripture Verse: Matthew 28:19–20
Bible Story: Matthew 28:16–20
Emphasis/Virtue: Unstoppable/Responsibility

June 2021
Focus: Central Asia
Scripture Verse: Judges 6:14
Bible Story: Judges 6–7
Emphasis/Virtue: Unstoppable/Loyalty

July 2021
Focus: Ukraine
Scripture Verse: Matthew 17:20–21
Bible Story: Matthew 17:14–21
Emphasis/Virtue: Unstoppable/Compassion

August 2021
Focus: Deaf
Scripture Verse: Jeremiah 1:7
Bible Story: Jeremiah 1:4–8
Emphasis/Virtue: Unstoppable/Perseverance

You can also view monthly missions topics in the Missions Leader: WMU Planning Guide 2020–21.

Unstoppable Resources

Unstoppable Promotion Pack

Soar to new heights, overcome old obstacles, and be encouraged to live out God’s call! Join us this year as we learn what it means to be “Unstoppable.” The Unstoppable Promotion Pack contains activities, ideas, full-color posters, and decorating tips. Also included are plans and posters for Children’s Missions Day 2021.

Unstoppable Badge/Patch

Reward children for their super efforts and for participating in the Unstoppable theme this year.


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