Three Steps to Reach Parents Within and Beyond the Church Walls

Did you know that children’s missions leaders minister to families every week? As the lives of children are influenced through children’s missions, these changes overflow into their family life.

In some cases parents may not attend church, but will bring their children. A children’s leader may be the only point of personal contact that parents have with the church.

Here are three steps to help you reach out to parents:

Step 1

Develop a friendship. Greet parents when they leave their children and retrieve them from class. Show genuine interest in the child and his or her family.

Step 2

Talk to parents about how their child is developing spiritually. You can use statements such as “Janie really likes to pray for missionaries,” or “Bradley has been asking questions about becoming a Christian.” Don’t be afraid to talk about spiritual matters. You may be the only person that these parents speak with about spiritual matters.

Step 3

Talk about adult spiritual matters. In passing, share humbly how God is working in your life. Invite parents to join you for church fellowships and/or Bible study. If you know that a mother is going through a tough time, offer to pray with her. Be sensitive to where the parents are in their spiritual journey.

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