WMU: Making Disciples of Jesus Who Serve as They Lead

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Serving is the new leading. That’s what the cover of a secular leadership magazine boldly proclaimed in 2019.

But that’s old news. Speaking to His disciples about 2,000 years ago, Jesus said, “Whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant” (Matt. 20:26).

For WMU, it’s also good news. If serving truly is the new leading, WMU is poised for the future, as we make disciples of Jesus who live on mission, serving through missions discipleship, compassion ministries, and leadership development.           

Share this news with your church family February 10–16 as you observe Focus on WMU.

Missions Discipleship

Through WMU, disciples of all ages—and even those who haven’t come to salvation yet—serve missionaries and the lost.

Disciples learn about missions in age-level groups or as a church. For the past 2 years, the coordinated curriculum used by all age-level groups has emphasized 2 things: our unshakable pursuit of God and the refugee crisis. Get a sample chapter of the 30-day devotional Unshakable Pursuit: Chasing the God Who Chases Us and lead your church to know God more, share His love unconditionally, and make disciples who make disciples. And download a free sample from Refugees: Forced to Flee, a Bible study that delves into the biblical meaning of caring for the “strangers,” “sojourners,” or “foreigners” among us.

Disciples pray for missions work, people involved in missions work, and people who don’t know God. Adults and students are encouraged to pray for missions daily with the missionary prayer calendar listing missionaries by birthday. Children pray for missionary kids as well as their parents. And everyone can pray during the weeks of prayer and mission study. Involve your church in praying for the people around you by organizing a prayerwalk event for your neighborhood and for WMU with a monthlong prayer guide.

Disciples support missions by giving through the Cooperative Program and giving to special offerings to relieve global hunger and support missionaries’ work in their state, in North America, and internationally. Encourage your church to find its missions passion and support the work of WMU by giving to the WMU Foundation.

Disciples also do missions and tell the lost the good news about Jesus through events like Children’s Missions Day and everyday interactions with friends, relatives, neighbors, and even strangers. Engage your church in reaching out to the homeless in your community, meeting their physical and spiritual needs.

Compassion Ministries

Disciples help those living in poverty, escaping human exploitation, looking for hope and a future through foster care and adoption, living as refugees, and seeking humanitarian aid through WMU compassion ministries. These ministries are Christian Women’s Job Corps/Christian Men’s Job Corps; Project HELP; Pure Water, Pure Love; WorldCrafts; and Baptist Nursing Fellowship.

Learn the facts about each social issue. See how WMU is addressing it. Discover how to raise awareness in your church and lead others to pray for and support hurting people.   

Leadership Development

Disciples make disciples who make disciples. Of course, disciple is just another word for leader. You may not think of yourself as a leader, but WMU wants to help you recognize your leadership potential and grow into the servant leader God has called you to be. Work on improving your communication skills is always a good place to start, and while you are at it, learn what millennials wish you knew about reaching them.

Whenever you choose to focus on WMU, you won’t lack for resources (videos, a brochure, and a poster) and opportunities to serve. Just hop over to wmu.com/focusonwmu to download them. And don’t forget to express your appreciation to your WMU leaders. Find 4 ideas to honor their service to God and your church in this blog post.           

Kathleen Penton is an assistant editor with WMU.

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