Christmas in August gifts create 'pathway to sharing the gospel'

Kathy Parsons with daily delivery of items from donated through Christmas in August

Do you ever wonder if Christmas in August matters to missionaries and church planters? Just ask David and Kathy Parsons who serve as missionaries through the North American Mission Board in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. They were recipients of Christmas in August gifts in 2016.

“The Christmas in August items sent to us expanded our vision and gave us resources we did not have,” David shared. “This program caused us to humbly stop and see how God works and that He has used others across America to provide for our needs.” 

For 90 years, members of WMU missions organizations such as GA, RA, and Acteens have purchased and sent items to NAMB missionaries to help advance their outreach efforts.

David and Kathy provided WMU with a list of items they needed and soon received 20 to 30 boxes a day, with around 500 boxes received in total.

“We received the boxes on our front porch and I would bring them into the living room to stage for delivery,” he reflected.

David said their house quickly transformed into a space where they opened boxes, sorted through the contents, separated and relabeled items, and made them available in weekly ministry. They received all the items on their list—things like school supplies, LifeWay gift cards, coloring books, crayons, sidewalk chalk and more—and have used them in ministry.

“This (Christmas in August) has been a catalyst in our ministry to expand our horizons and open new doors,” David said. “The quantity of items we received has caused us to pray and ask God what direction we should go next with these blessings. Six large white boards, children’s books, and new Bibles were purchased. We have expanded our weekly food pantry, and other services are now a part of our ministry.”

David and Kathy work with area churches in North Carolina to reach marginalized children, youth, and families.

“Our goals with these children and families is to make contacts, build relationships, and share the gospel of Jesus Christ, mentor, and disciple,” David said. “To this end all of the Christmas in August gifts are a pathway to the gospel. The prayers and cards from WMU churches all over has been a great blessing, and our faith has been increased as we have seen our prayers answered from our great God.”



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