Reporting: Share Your Heart

Reporting. It is a word that immediately conjures up negative thoughts in the minds of many. Reporting is often associated with endless facts and statistics, which can lead one to lose interest in the subject that is being reported. It doesn’t have to be that way!

In 2001, South Carolina WMU was asked to develop a measuring tool that would help determine the progress of associational and church WMU. South Carolina WMU developed a document called Triple A: Advancement, Achievement, and Accomplishment. The document is sent in at the end of each church year, but it is to be used through the entire year. While WMU directors say recognition of their church or associational WMU is great, most of our leaders share that the primary reason for using the tool is that it serves as a reminder of all that needs to be accomplished throughout the year. The actions of Triple A are based on the 6 objectives of WMU in the church and 4 objectives that guide WMU in the association. Churches and associations work through the list of actions and often discover they are already doing many things on the list in their church or associational WMU; they were just not aware of them. Sometimes it takes someone or something, such as a special tool or plan, to remind us of the need for reporting.

Many times, we can get bogged down in statistics. Reporting should be creative. Sharing the success and highlights of our work in WMU can be done through the sharing of stories. Personal, heartfelt stories capture the attention of those listening. They will remember your stories and your passion. Share your heart through your report.

Use displays for reporting. Collect projects, pictures, and other items related to your various organizations in your local church WMU or associational WMU and display them at the end of the year or the appointed reporting time. Invite people to visit the display area and look at the items. Include information about the nature of the project and those involved.

Reporting, when done with guidance and creativity, can be a good thing!

Sandra Tapp is associate executive director, South Carolina WMU. 

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