Connect the Dots

National WMU has launched a new growth plan called Connect the Dots. I believe you will find this to be an effective plan as you share the joy of what it means to serve God and His people.

Discover New Members 

Look around your church and discover how you can add new members to your existing WMU organizations. Many people are looking for ways to get involved; they just need to be invited.

Organize Groups 

Could your church form new WMU groups? Are you currently leading children in missions through Children in Action but could transition to Girls in Action for girls and Royal Ambassadors for boys? Do you have missions education for every age level, including young women? If not, consider starting a myMISSION group for them.

Teach Churches 

There are churches in your community without missions education for children and adults. Build relationships with the leadership in those churches and share the importance of ongoing missions education for all ages. Assist them as they begin and encourage them in their efforts.

Spotlight Entry Points 

There are a variety of ways in which to be involved in missions. Encourage individuals, families, and groups to be a part of a Missionsfest or Familyfest missions trip this coming year. If you want to stay closer to home, then begin by making a global impact and host a community-wide WorldCrafts party. The opportunities are endless.

We’ve provided a user-friendly resource for you as you encourage the growth of new organizations. Go to to check out the latest starter packs for each WMU missions organization.

Kristy Carr is church and association ministry consultant and Adult Resource Team leader, national WMU.

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