Emphasize International Missions

Look at the Southern Baptist Convention’s calendar and you’ll see that almost every Sunday, week, or month, there is an emphasis placed on something: senior adults, worship music, the Cooperative Program, etc. The first week in December is set aside for international missions.

And there are a number of ways your church can emphasize international missions this week and every week:

  • Pray. The Week of Prayer for International Missions is December 4-11. Lifting missionaries up in prayer is the most important thing we can do, so don’t limit it to 1 week out of the year. Pray daily in your personal devotions and weekly or monthly as you meet with your missions organization.
  • Study. If you haven’t already conducted the International Mission Study in your church, then talk with church staff about setting a date for a churchwide mission study event. Enlist teachers for all age groups. Consider inviting a current or former missionary to speak at the event. Contact your associational or state WMU to find missionaries close to you. Or Skype with a missionary on the field during the event. It brings missions to life to have a “real live” missionary in your church!
  • Give. Encourage your church to set a goal for giving to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for International Missions. Then promote the offering with videos from the International Mission Board and Lottie Moon resources from WMU.
  • Go. Let students, adults, and retirees know about the opportunities IMB offers to serve around the world.
  • Welcome. Our church purchased a home to house missionaries who are on stateside assignment. We have found that housing is scarce and we are booked for almost 2 years in advance! WMU provides counsel to those who want to learn more about starting a missionary house ministry and facilitates communication between missionaries and those who have houses available for use. Contact housing@wmu.org or (205) 991-8100.

What a privilege and honor to serve our Savior and our missionaries!

LeeAnn Lewis is a pastor’s wife and the coordinator of Oklahoma WMU’s Human Trafficking Educator Team.

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