Growing Missions in Your Church

While we know bigger isn’t always better, we all want our WMU to grow. Spiritually, of course, as well as physically. So what steps can you take to engage more preschoolers, children, students, and adults in missions education and involvement in your church?

  1. Publicize it—Your WMU cannot grow if no one knows about it! Use every means available to publicize what you are doing—even ways that you aren’t comfortable with. Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are excellent ways to get the word out to the younger members of your church. Don’t just publicize meetings but activities as well.
  2. Personalize it—Make WMU relevant to what church members care about. Help people understand that WMU is more than just meetings; it’s ministries like providing safe drinking water to missionaries through Pure Water, Pure Love; equipping women and men for life and employment through Christian Women’s Job Corps and Christian Men’s Job Corps; and participating in missions trips around the country through Missionsfest and Familyfest and around the world through International Initiatives. WMU’s Project HELP focuses on a critical social issue like human exploitation or post-traumatic stress disorder.  And WorldCrafts, a division of WMU, develops sustainable, fair-trade businesses among impoverished people around the world. Skype with a missionary or ask one to your church to speak. Once church members know a missionary personally, it makes a huge difference to their support of missions.
  3. Pray over it—Don’t do anything, make any plans, host any events, or have any meetings until you have prayed. Don’t just say, “God, bless what we’re doing,” but ask, “God, what do You want us to do?” This is the most important step for growth in your church!
  4. Make it real—Get outside the 4 walls of your building. Tour crisis pregnancy centers, homeless shelters, children’s homes, retirement villages, etc. Do hands-on projects with these organizations. Get into these places and make missions real for members and potential members of your WMU organizations.
  5. Make it fun—Ask some newer members to critique your meetings and events. Are they fun or are they dorky? Be willing to be silly and to change to make missions fun for all.
  6. Make it urgent—What WMU does really is a matter of life and death. Its missions organizations are not social clubs; they are missions in action—reaching a lost and dying world with the good news of Jesus Christ. But it’s only good news if they get it in time!

LeeAnn Lewis is a pastor’s wife and the coordinator of Oklahoma WMU’s Human Trafficking Educator Team.

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