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In my experience, it seems there are never enough leaders to go around. Everyone wants us to provide all these neat “opportunities,” but where’s the leader? Those with the ideas seldom want to implement them. Why? It could be because our method of enlisting leaders does not work. We want to fill in all our blanks for our leadership needs and never stop to explain what we want people to do.

Prayer must always come first. Before you “fill a job,” you need to pray. Is it really a job God is leading you to fill? If the answer is yes, begin to pray immediately for the person God has called to that leadership role. Pray, pray, pray.

I’ve often said if a role is too hard to fill, maybe it’s time to evaluate and ask if it’s really something you need to do.

Contact the person you feel will do the very best job. Explain the role in full detail—don’t hold back. And don’t say, “Oh, it’s not really that hard!” Talk about the importance of the role you want this person to fill. Point out her qualities and strengths for this role.

Tell the person training is available and essential for all leaders. Focus on the positives and how you feel God has led you to her. Never minimize the job.

Don’t ask for an answer when you first contact someone. Pray together and ask her to prayerfully consider what you’ve asked her to do. Tell the potential leader you’ll be back in touch on a certain date.

Get back with the potential leader as promised. Don’t start with, “Will you take the job?” Talk about it again and clarify any concerns. As the conversation continues, ask if she has arrived at a decision.

If she does not feel called or is not willing to do the job, don’t make her feel guilty. Thank the person and encourage her to find her place in whatever God has called her to do.

If the potential leader says yes, pray together again and affirm her. And be ready to provide details on training opportunities through your state WMU and national WMU. Training builds a new leader’s confidence and teaches her the job and responsibilities.

Continue to pray for her in this new role. Be supportive, affirming, and encouraging.

Margaret Harding is associate for adults, North Carolina WMU.

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