Let It Go!

I had the privilege of being a part of an associational WMU celebration that included a mealtime and great opportunity for fellowship. I love meeting people and wanted to engage in conversation with the people around me whom I’d just met.

As I engaged in conversation with a woman seated across from me, I quickly learned that she was a part of the associational WMU leadership team. I thanked her for serving and she very quickly began sharing with me that she would be resigning her leadership position by the end of the year. She told me she no longer felt she should be serving on the leadership team because she was not needed. I asked her why she felt she wasn’t needed. The reason—the associational WMU director was not delegating or relinquishing any responsibilities to her. Under those circumstances, I believe we would all come to the same conclusion.

She went on to say, “Have you heard the expression that with some people it is their way or the highway? That’s what I’m dealing with.”

As leaders, we sometimes do a very poor job of delegating and relinquishing responsibilities to others. Oftentimes not doing so really has nothing to do with our desire to “run the whole show” or any lack of trust. Sometimes it is a lack of knowing how to delegate work.

As a missions leader, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, but there is no need to do it alone. Delegating lightens your load, but more importantly, it empowers capable and talented leaders to serve. Delegating effectively ensures that your leadership team will be even stronger. So let it go!

 Kristy Carr is church and association ministry consultant and Adult Resource Team leader, national WMU.

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