Study. Pray. Give.

When I first moved to Texas more than 35 years ago, our associational WMU met annually at the Hispanic church in our association for the Baptist Women’s World Day of Prayer. The Hispanic women organized the program and hosted the event.

A typical Baptist covered-dish dinner preceded the prayer program. It was always a highlight of the year as we enjoyed the fellowship of women from other churches and the delicious food.

Now we don’t have an associational WMU and only a few churches still have Women on Mission or Adults on Mission groups. But our women still meet annually for the Day of Prayer. Several churches take turns organizing the program and hosting the event. The covered-dish dinner and fellowship with women from other churches in our association has continued.

We always make our invitation churchwide, inviting Women on Mission and other women not involved in Women on Mission to attend. This has been successful with more women attending, especially when we host the meeting at our church. We include as many women as possible to help lead worship and present some of the testimonies.

When a letter is included in the Day of Prayer materials, we actually put the letter in an envelope, open it, and read it as if it was written to our women for that night’s gathering.

Since our facilities do not have small rooms for the prayer groups, we just pray around the tables, with all the groups praying at the same time. This has worked well as prayers are lifted simultaneously around the room by women for women around the world.

The focused study, presented in the Day of Prayer materials, opens up the world to many of our women who have never traveled to those far-away places. Their senses are heightened concerning the plight of women around the world. The concerted prayertime makes this study time even more real. The offering that is then gathered reflects their response to those needs about which they have heard and for which they have prayed.

Charlotte Watson recently retired as minister of missions, but she continues to enjoy leading, teaching, writing, and serving in missions.

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