GA Journey

Make it personal! When you send girls on the GA Journey, you are sending them on a path of individual discovery and personalized learning. Through journaling, Bible learning and unique activities, girls will see their creativity grow and their faith deepen. Empower girls’ spiritual and missional development with this journey of opportunity, growth, fun and learning.

What's New in GA Journey?

  • Options for group activities with individual components. 
  • All activities provided in one leader guide. 
  • Easier to plan and use. More engaging design and activities.

How Does GA Journey Work?

GA Journey is divided into eight areas of spiritual growth: 

  • I Am a GA
  • I Do Missions
  • I Give
  • I Help Missionaries
  • I Learn the Bible
  • I Pray
  • I Serve My Church
  • I Tell About Jesus. 

To complete one level of GA Journey, a GA must complete one activity from each growth area—a total of eight activities a year.  Girls may work on GA Journey during the fourth GA session of every month, at home, while taking part in a special GA Journey event, or at any other time and place during the year. GA leaders are responsible for guiding girls through GA Journey. Each girl can work with her leaders to select her eight activities from those suggested in the GA Journey Leader Guide. Although GAs may work together on some activities, each GA must record her personal growth and reflections in her grade-level GA Journey activity book.

What Resources Does My Group Need?

GA Journey Leader Guide

Lead GAs on a journey! Use the GA Journey Leader Guide to help girls personalize learning about prayer, giving, helping others and more. Encourage creativity as girls go on a journey to grow deeper in their faith and tell God’s story to the world. Use with each grade-level GA Journey book.

Purchase one Leader Guide for each leader or group.

View a sample of the Leader Guide.


GA Journeys 1 - 6
$4.99 each

Send GAs on a life-changing journey! Help each girl personalize learning about prayer, giving, helping others and more with her own GA Journey book tailored to her age. Use with the GA Journey Leader Guide.

Purchase one activity book a year for each GA.


1st Grade Pink Star 2nd Grade Green Star 3rd Grade Yellow Star 4th Grade Blue Star 5th Grade Orange Star 6th Grade Purple Star

GA Journey Awards

GA Journey awards are iron-on badges and stars. Each badge represents one of eight the GA Journey growth areas. The stars are color-coded and represent grade levels.

The first year a girl completes eight activities, one in each GA Journey growth area, she will receive eight badges and eight stars. Once a GA earns her badges, she will not receive them again. Instead, she will receive a colored star for each growth area she completes in a year.

A first-grade vest may look like this:


A fifth-grade vest may look like this:

Leaders can iron badges and stars on to the new GA vest. Order vests from LifeWay Specialty Imprints online or by calling 1-800-443-8032.  Additional badges are also available for GAs.

How Can I Learn More?

For more information about GA Journey, download our two-page flyer.

For training in GA Journey, download a conference outline and PowerPoint presentation.

For personalized training opportunities related to GA Journey, contact your state WMU office.

For promotional graphics related to GA Journey, download our GA Journey clip art.

For more information, you may also email or call (205) 991-4057.

Best wishes on the exciting journey ahead!

For more information about GA Journey, contact Heather Keller, National WMU children's ministry consultant, at


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