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"Jesus, You've shown your love, The greatest love we know. You said to tell the world, and that is where we'll go."-from GA Song

Throughout its history, the effectiveness of Girls in Action has depended on leadership. It has been found that one person with a passion for missions can impact an entire group of girls. The starting point for a GA leader is a desire for girls to be involved in missions.

Whether you are a new leader just beginning GA or a leader with an expanded program, take a moment to answer these questions:

  • What are the missions education/missions discipleship needs of our children?
  • What do our children know about the Bible's missions message?
  • In what ways do our children need to learn how to pray for missions needs?
  • What do our children know about giving financially to missions?
  • What do our children know about the Cooperative Program and the missions offerings?
  • What are our children currently learning about missions? How and where do they get that information?
  • What types of hands-on missions involvement would challenge our children?
  • What steps do we need to take to start missions education/missions discipleship in our church?

You may wish to ask several key women to answer the questions and use them for a discussion starter about GA in your church. You may also use these answers to help determine additional missions needs in your church and other WMU organizations you may want to begin. 


GA Training

Encourage every GA leader to participate in leadership development on a regular basis. All church leaders should develop basic leadership skills. GA leaders will also need training in specific understandings and skills for their leadership role.

Training is available through self-study of WMU and GA resources, online training, associational and state WMU conferences, and conferences at national WMU events. Email with any questions. 

To learn more about enhancing your Girls in Action group, review Girls in Action Guide for Leaders.

For information about GA trainings, events, and personal consultations in your state, contact your state WMU office.

GA Meetings

Frequency:  Most GA groups meet weekly for 45 minutes to an hour. Some groups only meet once a month, but meet for a longer period of time.

Location: Church setting, ministry outreach center, homes

Responsibility of Leaders:

  • Praying for girls, activities, and missions
  • Planning and leading meetings
  • Organizing supplies
  • Leading girls to understand missions
  • Encouraging girls to participate in missions activities

To learn more about coordinating your Girls in Action meetings, purchase Girls in Action Guide for Leaders.

Articles and Ideas

Create a Buzz About Your Group
Have you ever heard the term "create a buzz"? Advertisers strive to get people so excited about their project that they'll tell their family, friends, and maybe even strangers about it.

Missions: From Childhood to Adulthood
Having a missions discipleship organization for preschoolers, children, students, or adults at your church is great. But having all four simultaneously is even better!

Summer Missions Ideas
Summer is a relaxing and laid-back time for most people. During the summer months, many families come to church events who might not participate during the busy school year. This summer, plan a few fun events to stay in touch with current and prospective members of your children's missions organizations. Or, allow time for extra events during your summer missions meetings.

Behavior Management SOS
Discipline for disruptive behavior can be one of the greatest challenges in children's ministry. Undesirable behavior often distracts other children, causing them to lose focus. Stopping an activity to handle disruptive behavior can diminish the effectiveness of a teaching moment.

An Opportunity to Give
The WMU Foundation provides people with a simple way to directly support the ministries of WMU. Every year, the Foundation makes grants to state WMU ministries, disaster relief efforts, missionary kids, seminary students, and many others.

Leading Children to Fight Hunger
As a child, I often heard this reminder from my well-meaning parents and grandparents: "Clean your plate. There are starving children in China." While I felt sorry for the starving children in China, I never figured out how eating all the food on my plate would help their situation.

Bullying: What you Need to Know
It causes children to cry, and parents to panic. It happens on our playgrounds, in our homes, at our schools, and even in our churches. A child can become a victim when she turns on her computer. Bullying is a widespread form of victimization and abuse.

Special Kids, Special Needs
Although all children are special, some have unique needs that must be addressed in order to create a positive learning environment. Whether the needs are physical or mental, some simple accommodations can make learning more satisfying for everyone involved.

Productive Partnerships
Discipleship training and missions education go hand in hand. Both provide a spiritual foundation for children to learn biblical truths and to apply those principles to their lives.

Addressing Child Sexual Abuse
Child sexual abuse: Few topics are more uncomfortable or more difficult to discuss. Such abuse is one of the most extreme forms of human exploitation. To acknowledge the reality of sexual abuse is to believe the unbelievable, to recognize unthinkable evil, and to grapple with the terrible effects of the sin.

Food Allergies: What Missions Leaders Need to Know
Trying foods from around the world is a memorable missions activity for children. But for kids with food allergies, sampling what missionaries eat can be deadly. A 2008 CDC release suggests that 4% of children nationwide have at least one food allergy.

Children and Media: Entertainment or Exploitation?
As a parent, you ensure that your children eat their vegetables, wear their bicycle helmets, and ride in their car seats. You want them to grow up in a safe and healthy environment.

Scripture Memory Verses
What does the Bible say about missions? Have your children learn the verses below to find out!

Three Steps to Reach Parents Within and Beyond the Church Walls
Did you know that children's missions leaders minister to families every week? As the lives of children are influenced through children's missions, these changes overflow into their family life.

Easy Steps to a Fun Lock-In
Give parents some time off and keep your kids excited about missions with one missions-focused and fun-packed lock-in. Use this schedule to help you plan a great event:

How to Lead a Child to Christ
Leading a child to Christ is one of the most exciting things you will ever do. It can also be intimidating. Remember that, while God has called you to share this message, it's the work of the Holy Spirit that leads a child to give his or her life to Christ.

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