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Why begin missions education in the preschool years? Because the significance of a strong foundation based on biblical truths cannot be overestimated. It's important to learn about God and His love for all people at a young age. Preschoolers can understand they are part of God's plan for the world and they can give of their time and abilities to serve Him through caring and sharing. Cultivating a heart for missions in preschoolers brings great value to preschoolers, families, and the entire church.

For Mission Friends leaders, you'll find resources designed to help you engage preschoolers of all ages in hands-on missions discipleship activities.

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Mission Friends Curriculum Outline for 2019–20

Missions areas, concept areas, and missionaries beginning September 2019 in Mission Friends Leader, and First Steps in Missions, vol. 25:

Fall 2019

September: Australia; God's Creation; Ken and Kathy Woods

October: Associational Missions; Community; John Mark Toby (Warren Association of Baptists, Kentucky)

November: Adoption/Foster Care; Family; George and Joy Ross (New Orleans, LA)


Winter 2019–20

December and International Mission Study: Rohingya People; Jesus; Burt and Susan Galvin*

January: Florida Baptist Children's Homes/One More Child; Self; Jerry Haag

February: Cambodia; World; William and Nancy Potter*


Spring 2020

March and North American Mission Study: Cowboy Church, Idaho; Church, Mike Palmer

April: Middle East; Bible; Don and Mary Alan*

May: WorldCrafts; God; WorldCrafts Artisans


Summer 2020

June: Puerto Rico; God's Creation; Jorge and Rebeca Santiago

July: Japan; Jesus; Ryan and Kelly Day

August: Oklahoma Chaplaincy; Church; Cathy Tisher

*Names changed




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