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Woolstenhulme Family

Mission Friends is an ongoing missions discipleship organization for preschool boys and girls (birth through kindergarten). Through Mission Friends, preschoolers . . .

  • become aware that God wants everyone to know of His love
  • move from a focus on self to a focus on others
  • apply Bible thoughts to their lives as they learn to pray, give, and help others.
  • and their families learn of ways to give their time, talents, and money

Learn more about this month's missionary below.

Families on Mission Calendars 2016–17

Preschoolers and their families learn about missionaries and pray for them, help others, and learn some Bible thoughts together on page 4 of each month's leaflet of Mission Friends at Home.  Ask your child's Mission Friends teacher for a copy.

Missions Focus March 2017 

Missions Area: Los Angeles, California | Concept Area: Family | Missionaries: Jeff and Tessa Woolstenhulme

5 Fun Facts about the Missionaries

  1. Jeff and Tessa Woolstenhulme’s 2-year-old daughter, Corrie, is named after Corrie Ten Boom.

  2. Corrie and Nate Michael are superstars among the students with whom Mr. Woolstenhulme works. God is using them to soften students’ hearts.

  3. One of the Woolstenhulmes’ favorite shared hobbies is food: cooking it, eating it, and talking about it.

  4. Mr. Woolstenhulme combined his love for running, swimming, and cycling to enter a half Ironman.

  5. Mr. Woolstenhulme’s birthday is March 24.


Prayer Requests

  • Pray for the Woolstenhulmes as they share the gospel with students.

  • Pray for open doors to reach specific affinity groups such as athletes, fraternities, and sororities.

  • Pray for student leaders who will influence fellow students.

  • Pray for more staff to support the Woolstenhulmes’ ministry.

  • Pray for partners to support the Woolstenhulmes financially.



Woolstenhulmes Jeff and Tessa Woolstenhulme want their family to be known as people who love God and want others to love Him, too.
students Mr. Woolstenhulme works with college students. He enjoys meeting new students and spending time with them.
Student tent Students at University of California Riverside help Mr. Woolstenhulme by telling other students about God’s love.
































Missions Area: Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles is one of the North America Mission Board’s Send Cities. With a population of 1.9 million people, the Greater Los Angeles area is home to the largest population of ethnic, cultural, and language groups in the United States.

Send Los Angeles Coordinator Robby Pitt says, “The world really does live in LA.” According to NAMB’s website, Los Angeles is not a one-strategy-fits-all city. It is 5-fold: universities, inner cities, beach cities (suburbia), people groups, and Hollywood.

Riverside, where the Woolstenhulmes live, is 50 miles east of Los Angeles. The San Gabriel Mountains overlook the University of California, Riverside, campus. This area enjoys a year-round temperate climate with warm, dry summers, and mild winters. The Santa Anna River runs just west of the city.

Additional information and activities are in Spring Mission Friends Leader, pages 8–27, the March leaflet of Spring Mission Friends at Home, and First Steps in Missions, vol. 22, pages 50–57, WMU Year Book 2016–2017 has planning helps.

by Janora Skeens, Huntington, WV.

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